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dc.contributor.authorKesaris, Paul-
dc.contributor.authorLester, Robert-
dc.contributor.authorUnited States. Department of State-
dc.contributor.authorUniversity Publications of America-
dc.identifier.isbn0890935262 (pt. 1)-
dc.identifier.isbn0890935270 (pt. 2)-
dc.identifier.isbn0890935769 (pt. 3)-
dc.identifier.isbn0890935777 (pt. 4)-
dc.identifier.isbn0890935750 (pt. 5)-
dc.identifier.isbn0890934398 (pt. 6)-
dc.identifier.isbn0890934401 (pt. 7)-
dc.identifier.isbn089093441X (pt. 8)-
dc.descriptionBib id: 384621 "Title on container: U.S. diplomatic post records : the Middle East."; "pt. 1. Iran, 1925-1941 -- pt. 2. Iraq, 1925-1941 -- pt. 3. Beirut, 1925-1941 -- pt. 4. Jerusalem, 1925-1941 -- pt. 5. Aden, 1925-1941 -- pt. 6. Iran, 1942-1944 -- pt. 7. Iraq, 1942-1944 -- pt. 8. Lebanon 1942-1944."en_US
dc.subjectDiplomatic and consular service, American—History—Sourcesen_US
dc.subjectUnited States. Dept. of State—Archivesen_US
dc.subjectUnited States—Foreign relations—Middle East—Sourcesen_US
dc.subjectMiddle East—Foreign relations—United States—Sourcesen_US
dc.titleConfidential U.S. diplomatic post recordsen_US
dc.title.alternativeConfidential US diplomatic post recordsen_US
dc.title.alternativeU.S. diplomatic post records : the Middle Easten_US
dc.title.alternativeConfidential United States diplomatic post recordsen_US
pu.depositorKou, Ginger-
dc.publisher.placeFrederick, MDen_US
dc.publisher.corporateUniversity Publications of Americaen_US
Appears in Collections:Monographic reports and papers (Access Limited to Princeton)

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