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Classics, 1934-2020

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Sep-2020Poets and Poet-Characters in the Epic TraditionSemmelhack, Hannah
23-Sep-2020Slavery, Childrearing, and Education in the Roman EmpireTraudt, Kirsten
23-Sep-2020St. Augustine and the Roman Institution of Slavery: A Phenomenological Look at a Project of Legitimation and ReformZymeri, Jeff
23-Sep-2020Viva LatinitasMendoza, Andre
23-Sep-2020The Landscapes of Pithos Production at Hellenistic MorgantinaThurn, Leina
23-Sep-2020"And Here I Stand, A God Incognito": Optics, Religion, and Space in Philip II's PoliticsLugardo, Jaylin
23-Sep-2020Sero Te Amavi: North African Church Controversies and the Maturation of Augustine's Theology of LoveHoward, Christopher
23-Sep-2020A Fickle and Ever-Changing Thing Is Woman: Virgil’s Dido Through the Lens of Traditional Roman and Augustan Models of Female ExemplarityEdelson, Rachel
23-Sep-2020A Comparative Study of Athens and Rome in the Archaic PeriodDeters, Alexander
24-Jul-2019ὑστερικὰς σφᾶς αὑτὰς ὀνομάζουσιν: Re-Reading the “Hysterical” Women of the Ancient Medical WritersD'Angelo, Nicolette
24-Jul-2019Cultural Syncretism and Royal Ideology in Ptolemaic EgyptZoulis, Rafail
24-Jul-2019Found in Translation: Saint Augustine’s Theory of Language as a Tool for Apologetics in De Doctrina ChristianaWhelan, Jack
24-Jul-2019Rape Isn't Merely Metaphorical: A Study of Rape Representations in Receptions of Ovid's "Metamorposes"Treadway, Tashi
24-Jul-2019The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Invention of Ritual in the Augustan Archaizing ModeKigawa, Paul
24-Jul-2019Portraits of a Female Roman Politician: Fulvia and Her AfterlivesFinfer, Alyssa
24-Jul-2019Ἑλληνίζωμεν: Teaching Ancient Greek according to the Communicative MethodDuraiswamy, Kevin
24-Jul-2019Ovid's Cosmos: Myth and Philosophy in the MetamorphosesBruce, Emma
24-Jul-2019Suicide in Seneca: Tragic and Stoic PerspectivesBrill, Rachel
13-Aug-2018"Fog on the Barrow-downs:" Mythologization of Tumuli in Old Irish, Old English, and Insular Latin LiteratureEhrmantraut, Brigid
13-Aug-2018De Mulieribus Verbis: Ventriloquisms of Women's Speech in Terence’s ComediesChoi, Erica
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 749