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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Essays on Retail Electricity Markets and Methods for Analyzing Matched DataAnderson, Rachel S
2022Essays on the Impact of Information Technology and Criminal Capital on Political and Economic OutcomesMelnikov, Nikita
2022Essays on Estimating Impulse Responses in MacroeconometricsLi, Dake
2022Inference on Manipulation in the Density and Volatility Effect on the MarkupGaurav, Abhishek
2022Essays on the Determinants of Wealth InequalityCioffi, Riccardo Antonio
2022Essays on Finance and DevelopmentBurga Idrogo, Carlos Antonio
2022Essays on the Industrial Organization of Higher EducationPerdigao Valadares Dutra, Ana Luiza
2022Essays on Minimum Wages and Trade ShocksMachado Parente, Rafael
2022Essays on Institutional Trading and LiquiditySchmickler, Simon
2022Essays in entrepreneurship: overcoming financing constraintsWu, Liukun
2022Essays on Political Economy, Trade, and Immigration in the United States: Evidence from the Use of MediaSampathkumar, Vivek
2022Information Acquisition and Dissemination in GroupsReshidi, Pellumb
2022Essays on the Impact of Health and Immigration Policies on Economic OutcomesBattaglia, Emily
2022Essays in Microeconomic Theory: Framing and Complexity of ChoiceSafonov, Evgenii
2022Essays on the Spatial Economic Consequences of Global WarmingCruz Álvarez, José Luis
2022Three Essays on Behavioral Economics: Narrow Bracketing and Ambiguity AversionZhang, Mu
2022Essays on Institutional Ownership and Liquidity in the Corporate Bond MarketYu, Haiyue
2022Essays on Competition in the Digital EconomyMusolff, Leon Andreas
2022Essays on Firm Responses to Prudential Regulation and Monetary PolicyKroen, Thomas
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 228