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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Challenges in Probability and Mathematical PhysicsElboim, Dor
2023Successive minima of orders in number fieldsVemulapalli, Sameera
2023Some Elliptic PDE Problems in Conformal GeometryLee, Sanghoon
2023Knot concordance and matrix factorizationsBallinger, William
2023Singular Structures and Generic Regularity for Minimal HypersurfacesWang, Zhihan
2023Elliptic Curves Ordered by Faltings HeightDeng, Calvin
2023On the sharpness of the Assouad embedding theorem for finitely generated groups of polynomial growth and nilpotent Lie groupsRyoo, Seung-Yeon
2023Symplectic dynamics: Invariant measures, closing lemmas, and equidistributionPrasad, Rohil
2023Construction of anticyclotomic Euler systems using diagonal cyclesAlonso Rodríguez, Raúl
2023Dissipative Intermittent Euler Flows satisfying the local energy inequalityGiri, Vikramaditya
2023Derived Structures in the Duality of Automorphic PeriodsChen, Eric Y.
2023The wave kinetic theory of three wave and four wave modelsMa, Xiao
2023Challenges and Results in Extremal CombinatoricsAlweiss, Ryan
2023Geometrization of Local Langlands and the Cohomology of Shimura VarietiesHamann, Linus
2022Construction of an anticyclotomic Euler system with applicationsDo, Kim Tuan
2022Square roots of symplectic L-functions and Reidemeister torsionAbdurrahman, Amina
2022Minimal Surfaces in Hyperbolizable 3-ManifoldsLowe, Ben
2022Aspects of the topology of foliations on 3-manifoldsZung, Jonathan
2022Eigenvector delocalization in quantum chaos and random matrix theoryShou, Laura
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 153