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Princeton University Doctoral Dissertations, 2011-2022

Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 3903
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Min-max minimal hypersurfaces in higher dimensionsLi, Yangyang
2022Extratropical Cyclones, Atmospheric Rivers, and the Hydrometeorology of Extreme Rainfall for the US East of the Rocky MountainsSu, Yibing
2022Impact of calcium hydroxide, reduced activator concentration, and flash-calcined metakaolin on alkali-activated metakaolin at ambient and high temperaturesAlventosa, Karina
2022Global automorphic applications of p-adic analytic representation theoryFu, Weibo
2022Bad Vibrations: A History of Soviet-U.S. Musical ExchangeHonegger, Matthew
2022Cosmetic Surgeries on Knots and 3-Manifold InvariantsVarvarezos, Konstantinos
2022L'Expression poétiqueHo, Brian
2022Figure as Cultural Form: The Art and "Archaeology" of Asger Jorn, 1947–1973Henriksen, Niels
2022Algebraic aspects of Iwasawa theory in the Gan--Gross--Prasad settingLai, Shilin
2022Reactive Nickel Species Relevant to Cross-CouplingTing, Stephen I-ming
2022Phonographic Imaginaries: The Birth of Sound Recording in France and the French Colonial EmpireAltergott, Renée
2022Policy Evaluation in Batch Reinforcement LearningDuan, Yaqi
2022Tensor Methods for Network AnalysisGitelman, Daniel
2022Information Acquisition and Dissemination in GroupsReshidi, Pellumb
2022Role of Tie Molecules in Ductility and Chain Deformation of PolyethyleneCho, Seong Hyuk
2022Body size and diet quality: the interplay between plant and animal traitsPotter, Arjun Brandreth
2022Studying the Piezoelectrochemical Phenomenon Using Lithium-Ion BatteriesPreimesberger, Juliane Irine
2022Arithmetic of higher coherent cohomology of Shimura varietiesOh, Gyujin
2022Essays on the Impact of Health and Immigration Policies on Economic OutcomesBattaglia, Emily
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 3903