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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 1924-2020

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Oct-2020Development of A Megawatt Class alpha^2+ Magnetoplasmadynamic Thruster and beginning steps for accompanying control system for autonomous monitoring of operational envelopeArtis, Jackson
8-Oct-2020Laser-based Additive Manufacturing of Lightweight Metal AlloysArcot, Nina
8-Oct-2020Design of a Safe and Robust Aerial Co-Drone for Human CollaborationKoskosidis, Alexandra; Ng, Nicolas
8-Oct-2020Soft Eversion Robots in Application of Minimally Invasive Subsurface Drip IrrigationPachisia, Divyanshu; Quinn, Evan; Shitaye, Beimnet; Wang, Jocelyn
8-Oct-2020Dynamic Thrust and Vector Control of a Small Scale TurboJet EngineHelm, Matthew; Rysewyk, Alexis
8-Oct-2020TigerBoard: Creating the Next Generation of HoverboardsCallegari, Nicholas; Naphade, Maya; Saunders, Dominic
8-Oct-2020Performance Analysis of a Power Flow Management System Under Varied Electricity Rate StructuresCaldwell, Alex; Esson, Cutter
8-Oct-2020Waste to Work: Powering Cold Storage Systems Using Biomass and Solar EnergyBanavige, Jeb; Matthews, Connor; Raghavan, Adhitya
8-Oct-2020EverFly: An Autonomous Drone Battery Exchange SystemBachek, John; Lawrie, Chris; Peres, Ofek; Roth, Gabe
8-Oct-2020Drink Up: A Smart, Hydration-Focused Water BottleAndre, Kate; Hetrick, Matthew
8-Oct-2020Development and Optimization of Ball Bearing Race Geometry and Ferrofluid Pressure Seals for EVA Space SuitsHughes, Milo; Redd, Andrew
8-Oct-2020Designing a transitional NuFlex element for orthopedic walker boots for better recovery of lower leg injuriesFan, Jessica
8-Oct-2020Developing a Consumer Product that Mechanically Shields a Bicycle Seat from Rain and SnowDale, Sam
8-Oct-2020Carly: The Miniature Autonomous Vein Injection RobotLibsch, Xerxes
8-Oct-2020Additive Advancements in Medical Technology: Easing 3D-Printable Instruments Into Orthopedic SurgeryCalimlim, Justin
4-Sep-2019Fixed-Wing UAV Autonomous Deployment for Search and Rescue ApplicationsBarnes, Ashley; Dimitui, Adelle Ingrid; Kittler, William
4-Sep-2019ReOcean: An Active System for Removing Waste from the OceansBuline, Robert; Cohen, Robbie; Zheng, Fred
4-Sep-2019Autonomous Quadcopter Navigation Using Depth Camera and Real-Time Kinematic GPSLiu, Mario; Noordin, Nadir
4-Sep-2019The Sound of Silence: A Preliminary Investigation into the Effects of Blade Row Spacing in Counter-Rotating Propellers on the Sound Intensity in the Near-FieldSpiezio, Jeremy; Supervielle, Matias
4-Sep-2019Dynamic thrust and vector control ofa small scale turbojet engineMerrill, Curtis; Puryear, Joseph; Zhelezniak, Serg
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 773