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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Topological kagome magnets and superconductors: a view with scanning tunneling spectro-microscopyShumiya, Nana
2022Generating invariant representations with cortex-inspired models of unsupervised learningLuther, Kyle
2022Integration and Analysis of the Balloon-borne Telescope, SPIDERSong, Xue
2022The computational tools for whole-brain imaging and the neural dynamics of behaviors in C. elegansYu, Xinwei
2021Building Quantum Systems with Ytterbium Rydberg ArraysSaskin, Samuel
2021Focal Plane Development for Observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background with the Simons ObservatoryBruno, Sarah Marie Michelle
2021Symmetries and Large N Limits of Majorana Fermion ModelsPallegar, Preethi
2021Cryogen-Free Scanning Probe Microscopy in Silicon Device Physics at milli-Kelvin temperaturesoh, seong woo
2021On Symmetries, Anomalies and Their GeneralizationsLam, Ho Tat
2021The Binary Black Holes of LIGO and VirgoRoulet, Javier
2021New Developments in Vector, Matrix and Tensor Quantum Field TheoriesPopov, Fedor
2021Non-Archimedean and Non-Local PhysicsJi, Ziming
2021Exploring many-body quantum dynamics with Rydberg dressed fermions and tilted Hubbard systemsGuardado-Sanchez, Elmer
2021The Physics of Spatial Differentiation in Living SystemsWeiner, Benjamin G
2021Swarm Intelligence in Natural and Synthetic LivesPhan, Trung V.
2021On N=6 Superconformal Field TheoriesBinder, Damon John
2021Study of Phases of Matter: Dipolar Dimer Liquid and Topological Metamaterials with Odd ElasticityZhang, Junyi
2021Variational Monte Carlo Renormalization GroupWu, Yantao
2021The energy resolution and the energy deposition processes in disordered targets for rare-event searchesLi, Xinran
2021Long-Range Coupling of Electron SpinsBorjans, Felix Frederic Leonhard
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 195