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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Discovering and characterizing binary black hole merger signals with new methods in gravitational wave data analysisOlsen, Seth Richard
2023The Universal Focal-plane Module for Simons ObservatoryHealy, Erin
2023High Fidelity Operation of Si/SiGe Spin Qubit DevicesMills, Adam
2022Interacting Electrons in Twisted Graphene Moiré LatticesXie, Fang
2021Real and p-Adic PhysicsTrundy, Brian Raymond
2022Investigations of Holographic Duality in Two DimensionsGoel, Akash
2022Testing the Fundamental Properties of Dark MatterMoschella, Matthew Thomas
2022Ultra-high Sensitivity Atomic MagnetometersLee, Wonjae
2022Behavior at High ResolutionMcKenzie-Smith, Grace Clemens
2022A Search for Higgs Decay to Pseudoscalar Higgs-like Particles at CMSHigginbotham, Samuel Lloyd
2022Thermalization and localization in isolated many-body quantum systemsMorningstar, Alan
2022Exotic Thermal Transport in a Kitaev MagnetCzajka, Peter Andrew
2022Quantum Field Theory at the BoundaryKhanchandani, Himanshu
2022Symmetry Breaking in Melonic ModelsZhao, Wenli
2022Towards the Black Hole InteriorLin, Henry Wanjune
2022Topological kagome magnets and superconductors: a view with scanning tunneling spectro-microscopyShumiya, Nana
2022Generating invariant representations with cortex-inspired models of unsupervised learningLuther, Kyle
2022Integration and Analysis of the Balloon-borne Telescope, SPIDERSong, Xue
2022The computational tools for whole-brain imaging and the neural dynamics of behaviors in C. elegansYu, Xinwei
2021Building Quantum Systems with Ytterbium Rydberg ArraysSaskin, Samuel
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 210