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Philosophy, 1924-2021

Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 1841
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Sep-2020No Free Will Leads to a Loss of Much More: The Plausibility of Hard Incompatibilism and its Consequences if TrueTavoso, Joe
30-Sep-2020What We Talk About When We Talk About Numbers: A New Fictionalist Account of MathematicsSiegel, Hayley
30-Sep-2020On the Origin of InductionZhang, Alvin
30-Sep-2020Telling Stories of Self-TransformationPritt, Carrie
30-Sep-2020In Search of Common Ground: New Natural Law and the Other AnimalsAnbar, Sarel
30-Sep-2020A Proxy for the Future: Desires, Interests, and Increased Power for ProxiesShteingart, Jacob
30-Sep-2020A World Without Free Will: Necessity and its Ethical Implications in War and PeaceZou, Kevin
30-Sep-2020The Pursuit of Objectivity: A Worthwhile Journey With No DestinationPedersen, Frederik
30-Sep-2020Is 'Race' Real? Arguments for (and against) the Metaphysical Reality of RacePinkett, Apria
30-Sep-2020Taking Ownership: A New Framework for Consumer ResponsibilityParker, Kevin
30-Sep-2020A Pragmatic Framework for Practical and Ethical Decision-makingOkusanya, Bayo
30-Sep-2020Encroachment and Racial ProfilingMartinez, Isaac
30-Sep-2020The Function of the Emotions in Descartes and SpinozaMubarack, Bilal
30-Sep-2020Rethinking Unilateralism: Personal Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Moral Discourse on Anthropogenic Climate ChangeLord, Harry
30-Sep-2020Wearing Many Hats Well: Ethical Guidance on Occupying Professional RolesMartinez, Alexia
30-Sep-2020Cracking the Tetralemma: Extant Literature, Ultimate and Conventional Truth, and Nagarjuna’s Ontological ExpressivismKalsi, Jaspreet
30-Sep-2020Why Are Health Inequalities Unjust?Lawson, Arielle
30-Sep-2020Race & Racism: How to move forward? A Call for Self-Racial Redefinitions: A Dissertation Critiquing Lawrence Blum’s "I'm Not a Racist, but . . ." The Moral Quandary of RaceJohnson, William
30-Sep-2020The Non-Identity Problem and Collective Justice: Examining John Broome's Climate MattersIrwin, Hadley
30-Sep-2020The Building Blocks of Blame: An Interpretation That Builds Aristotle’s Account of Blameworthiness Out of His Account of VoluntarinessHoffman, Danielle
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 1841