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Philosophy, 1924-2021

Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1841
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Aug-2021Ghetto Inequality as a Regional Imperative: Political Integration to Rectify Racial InjusticeTe, Daniel
18-Aug-2021Against New Retributivism: Seeking the Ends of Retribution without Hard PunishmentSokolowski, Stella
18-Aug-2021The Problem of "Tainted Base Rates" and Moral EncroachmentSilverman, Matthew "Matt"
18-Aug-2021Functional Civility: A Case for Reevaluating the Importance of Public Sphere Interpersonal Relationships in Promoting the Autonomy and Welfare of IndividualsAlexander, Manasseh
18-Aug-2021A Study of Gendered-Communication in the Doctor-Patient Consultation RoomShakil, Shanila
18-Aug-2021Role Responsibility During Covid-19: A Study in Non-ideal TheoryRettaliata, George
18-Aug-2021Interpreting Dance: How We Make Movement MeaningfulLynch, Liam
18-Aug-2021A Place of Influence, An Inheritance of Generation: Mapping Epistemology, Authority, and Anthropology in Albertus Magnus’s DE NATURA LOCIZhang, Wei Xiao "Joanna"
18-Aug-2021Exploring the Argument from Divine Hiddenness from a Christian PerspectiveHan, Daniel
18-Aug-2021Deriving Moral Relativism: Decision-Theoretic Rationality and the Nature of Moral ReasonsMcElroy, David
18-Aug-2021Colors and ColorednessHaws, Paul
18-Aug-2021Singular Terms and the Evolution of Complex CommunicationManicone, Maximilian
18-Aug-2021Rethinking The Method of Reflective Equilibrium in Light of Recent Work in Experimental PhilosophyCharette, Andrew
18-Aug-2021Corporate Moral Agency: A Case Study in Favor of Moderate CollectivismKaur, Gagandeep
18-Aug-2021Rejecting 'Bad Bodies': Defending a Relational Model of DisabilityAhmad, Alya
18-Aug-2021Corporate Duty in a Common Good CapitalismVogler, Daniel
18-Aug-2021Mind, Language, and God: Aquinas’ De Ente et EssentiaBound, Harry
18-Aug-2021Degrees of Belief, Morality & ActionDoria, Felipe
17-Aug-2021Sleeping Your Way to the Top: A Philosophical DefenseShafaie, Yasmine
17-Aug-2021A Just Approach to Genetic EngineeringFoster, Nick
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1841