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Electrical Engineering

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Characterizing and Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Manycore Processors for Data Center ApplicationsMcKeown, Michael Patrick
2020Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming and Backward Approximate Dynamic Programming with Integrated Crossing State Stochastic Models for Wind Power in Energy Storage OptimizationDurante, Joseph Lawrence
2020Memory-Driven Data-Flow Optimization for Neural Processing AcceleratorsNie, Qi
2020Machine learning for multi-subject fMRI analysisZhang, Hejia
2020Resource-Efficient Management of Large-Scale Public Cloud SystemsShahrad, Mohammad
2020Accurate, Energy-efficient, and Secure Machine Learning Models: Applications to Smart HealthcareAKMANDOR, AYTEN OZGE
2020New Directions in Efficient Privacy-Preserving Machine LearningWagh, Sameer
2020Understanding the Energetics in Two-dimensional Metal Halide Perovskite Quantum WellsSilver, Scott
2020Nanofabrication and its Applications in Fluorescence Imaging and Quantum Cascade LasersPandey, Sunil
2020Scattering Theory in Fluctuational Electromagnetics at the Nanoscale: From Numerical Methods to Fundamental LimitsVenkataram, Prashanth Sanjeev
2020Smart Healthcare via Efficient Machine LearningYin, Hongxu
2020Information Encoding and Retrieval in Photonic SystemsMa, Yechi
2019Novel polymer thin films for application in organic light-emitting diodesLee, Kyung Min
2019Millimeter-Wave Reconfigurable Power Amplifier and Transmitter Architectures with Antenna InterfacesChappidi, Chandrakanth Reddy
2019Long-wavelength (16 ┬Ám) and lasing assisted depopulation Quantum Cascade lasersChen, Ching-Yu
2019Synthesis of Efficient Neural NetworksDai, Xiaoliang
2019FinFET-based SRAM and Monolithic 3-D Integrated Circuit DesignGULER, ABDULLAH
2019Unconventional Experimental Setups for Battery AnalysisKim, Andrew
2019Inverse design of near-field thermal radiation and nonlinear opticsJin, Weiliang
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 217