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Neuroscience, 2017-2021

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Aug-2021Olfactory Coding: A Coding Mechanism Per Insect BehaviorsOwhochukwu, Chinwendu
9-Aug-2021Modeling how unique childhood experience impacts the representational structure of frontal and parietal cortexChen, Shannon
9-Aug-2021Functional and Structural Emergence of Memory Networks in Infant BrainsBienkowska, Niranjana
9-Aug-2021Microcircuits of Stress Sensitization in the Nucleus AccumbensMclain, Christabel
9-Aug-2021Biological Implications of Regional Graph Properties in the Adult Drosophila Brain ConnectomeChauhan, Neha
9-Aug-2021A Protocadherin Network Model: Mechanisms for Initializing Synaptic ConnectionsAmir, Ayde
9-Aug-2021Characterization of Hippocampal Social Memory Circuitry in a Mouse Model of Autism Spectrum Disorder Associated BehaviorsMoreno, Sara
9-Aug-2021Gender differences in response latency in the two-armed banditHayes, Cameron
9-Aug-2021Early Life Stress Primes Future Stress Susceptibility via Epigenetic Priming in the BrainChen, Andy
9-Aug-2021Effects of Early Life Adversity on Locomotor Behavior and Defensive Circuitry in Female Mice: The Role of the Estrous CycleBoyer, Sydney
9-Aug-2021Controlling the Urge to Bite: A Computational Analysis of the Role of the Medial Preoptic Area and Ventromedial Hypothalamus Shell in Modulating Aggression and Aggression-Seeking Behavior in MiceHinson, Justin
9-Aug-2021Maximizing Social Reward: Positive Verbal Reinforcement Shapes Confirmation of Interpersonal ExpectationsLuo, Jean
9-Aug-2021Processing Hierarchies and Shared Representations in the Brain During Naturalistic Piano PerformanceCassano, Riesa
9-Aug-2021Investigating the Existence of Ensembles of Early Life Stress in Reward and Stress-associated RegionsIslam, Tanzina
9-Aug-2021An Investigation of Activity in the Ventrolateral Subdivision of the Ventromedial Hypothalamus During Aggressive BehaviorOlurin, Jadesola
9-Aug-2021Learning to imagine: Using deep learning and memory-augmented neural networks to model cortical-hippocampal interaction during mental simulationWardell, Carson
9-Aug-2021Weighting the Relationship Between Babies and Their Preferences for Familiar and Novel StimuliShah, Jill
9-Aug-2021“Little Brain”, Big Role: Associations between cerebellar volume, neocortical thickness, cerebellar-neocortical covariance, and symptomatology in Autism Spectrum DisorderSteele, Kara
9-Aug-2021CS-Evoked Dopamine Neural Activity at Different Stages of Learning Reflect Cue-Punishment Association in the Medial Ventral Tegmental AreaLi, Angela
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 164