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Neuroscience, 2017-2022

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jul-2022Exploration of Temporal Resolution in Mouse Primary Visual Cortex (V1)Berg, Andrew
15-Jul-2022How does similarity in emotional disclosure impact perceived closeness?Bluford, Raven
15-Jul-2022Investigating the Role of Perineuronal Nets in the Effects of Early Life Adversity on Avoidance BehaviorBodnar, Saoirse
15-Jul-2022A Synthesis of the Spatial and Non-Spatial Capabilities of the HippocampusBreeding, Josh
15-Jul-2022Early Life Stress Disrupts Thyroid Hormone Signaling and Dopamine Neuron DevelopmentChang, Austin
15-Jul-2022Neural Mechanisms Underlying Cognitive Deficits in Rat Models of AutismChaudhry, Hifsa
15-Jul-2022The Role of Early Life Experience in Shaping the Neural Mechanisms of Paternal Care Behavior in the African Striped Mouse (Rhabdomys pumilio)Choo, Daniel
15-Jul-2022The Role of Moderate Memory Activation During Learning and Post-learning Sleep in Driving Representational ChangeCorral, Fabiola
15-Jul-2022Mechanisms of Social Memory Dysfunction in Mouse Models of Autism Spectrum DisorderEke, Chino
15-Jul-2022The Inverted-U: A Literature Review on the Effect of Dopamine in Different Animal ModelsGloria, Esmeralda
15-Jul-2022Population receptive field mapping reveals different spatial computations across body- and face-selective regionsGregorek, Sidney
15-Jul-2022Investigating the Relationship Between Sleeping Brain Activity and Neural Differentiation of Competing MemoriesHalivni, Hadar
15-Jul-2022Deep Neural Network Models to Understand Activity Silence and Episodic Function in Working MemoryHylton, Naaji
15-Jul-2022Stimulating the Brain and Spinal Cord: A Short-Circuit or the Future of Targeted Therapy?Jia, Tim
15-Jul-2022Learning under constraints: how human memory computations help deep neural networks generalize from sparse training inputsJohns, Maxwell
15-Jul-2022Cholinergic Signal to the Cerebellum During Associative LearningKaplan, Katherine
15-Jul-2022Understanding the Effects of Zygosity of a SHANK3b Knockout Mouse Model of Autism on BehaviorLenzi, Michael
15-Jul-2022Using Pupillometry to Investigate the Effect of Meditation on Musical ListeningLinna, Johanna
15-Jul-2022Towards Developing a Closed-Loop System to Optogenetically Perturb Cerebellar Purkinje Cells and Assess Effects on Locomotion in Freely-Moving MiceMusthafa, Mina
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 201