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Title: Spatio-temporal Control of Electromagnetic Fields in Integrated Systems from RF-to-Terahertz-to-Optics: Methods and Applications
Authors: lu, xuyang
Advisors: Sengupta, Kaushik
Contributors: Electrical Engineering Department
Keywords: Antenna
Integrated Circuits
Physical Layer Security
Subjects: Electrical engineering
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Princeton, NJ : Princeton University
Abstract: Electromagnetic field synthesis, control, manipulation, detection, and processing, in the spatial and temporal domain, are the underlying fundamental techniques that have resulted in the all-pervading technology space spanning communication, sensing, and imaging that have had a transformative impact in our lives. In this thesis, I demonstrate Spatio-temporal Modulated mmWave Arrays for Physical Layer Security (71-76 GHz): We propose and demonstrate spatial and temporal control of mmWave fields to incorporate physical layer security characteristics in mmWave directional links that enforce the loss of information and spectral aliasing outside the main beam. We demonstrate such a method of physical layer security for the first time with silicon chipsets with packaged antenna arrays. Through the time-varying nature of the mapping, we also demonstrate analytically and experimentally the resiliency of the proposed approach under distributed and synchronized eavesdropper attacks exploiting both deterministic approaches and machine-learning-based techniques. Sub-wavelength mmWave Programmable Multi-port Transmitter/Receiver/Antenna Interfaces with Frequency, Element Pattern, Spatial, and Polarization Diversity (37-73 GHz): Dynamic spectrum sharing for spectral efficiency is becoming a centerpiece of future wireless networks. To enable programmability across the spectrum with beamforming arrays, we demonstrate a new periodic array architecture with element pattern reconfigurability. This reconfigurability can facilitate spectrally agile periodic arrays that are simultaneously frequency reconfigurable and has spatial, pattern, and polarization diversities. Sub-wavelength Control of THz Fields: Programmable Large-scale THz Metasurfaces with Silicon Chip tiles (300 GHz): We show for the first time large scale THz metasurfaces with CMOS IC tiles that allows individual meta-element control with both amplitude and phase control capable of nearly arbitrary field synthesis in the near/far field. We demonstrate this at 0.3 THz with custom-designed CMOS ICs for beamforming, near-field control, and holographic projection in the Fresnel zone for communication and computational imaging. Spatial Control of Optical Fields: Integrated Optical PUFS with Process-sensitive Photonic Crystals: We exploit sub-wavelength metal light interaction to demonstrate for the first time ability to integrate photonic crystals in silicon IC processes and exploit their process variations for noise-immune robust physically unclonable functions in the optical domain in silicon.
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Type of Material: Academic dissertations (Ph.D.)
Language: en
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