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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Decarbonization of Hard-to-Decarbonize HeatZheng, Yanjie
2024Ion Doppler Tomography for Ion Temperature and Velocity Measurements During High Guide Field Magnetic ReconnectionGoodman, Aaron
2024Theoretical and computational study of phase transformations of biomolecular condensates: growth, coarsening, and agingZhang, Ruoyao
2024Towards designing a lockable self-folding origamiMalik, Lohit
2024Interfacial Fluid Mechanics: From Flows, to Coalescence, and Self-AssemblyKaneelil, Paul Raju
2024Nonequilibrated systems: Fluid flows and material synthesisAbbasi, Niki
2023Studies in Interfacial Fluid Mechanics: From Diffusiophoresis in Multivalent Electrolytes to Drop Motions on Fibers in a CrosswindWilson, Jessica Laura
2023Correcting for Quasi-static Wavefront Error Drifts in High-contrast and Wide-field Imaging TelescopesRedmond, Susan F.
2023Optomechanical Optimizations for Balloon-borne TelescopesLi, Lun
2023Real-time kinetic profile reconstruction and Adaptive ELM Control on the DIII-D and KSTAR TokamaksShousha, Ricardo
2023Surface Bubbles: Thin Films & Interfacial Fluid MechanicsShaw, Daniel Benton
2023Ocean wave dynamics with high fidelity numerical simulationsWu, Jiarong
2023Fluid-structure interactions in low-Reynolds-number flows: patterned surfaces and elastic boundariesChase, Danielle L.
2023Mechanical response of soft matter systems: biological tissues and wrinkled structuresTong, Sijie
2023Plasma-Assisted Deflagration to Detonation TransitionVorenkamp, Madeline
2023Learning Through Social Interactions and Learning to Socially Interact in Multi-Agent LearningMadhushani, Udari
2023Probing the kinetic mechanisms of hydrocarbon oxidation by metal oxide particles under extreme conditionsBurger, Christopher
2023Information-Theoretic Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for the Task-Driven Control of RobotsPacelli, Vincent
2023Shape and Divertor Control in TokamaksWai, Josiah
2023The Nanosecond Pulsed Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuator for Boundary Layer Separation ControlMeehan, Kristofer C
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 195