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Title: Diagnostics for molybdenum and tungsten erosion and transport in NSTX-U
Contributors: Scotti, F.
Soukhanovskii, V.
Weller, M.
U. S. Department of Energy contract number DE-AC02-09CH11466
Issue Date: Nov-2016
Publisher: Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University
Related Publication: Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol. 87, p. 11D445 (November 2016);
Abstract: A comprehensive set of spectroscopic diagnostics is planned in the National Spherical Torus Experi- ment Upgrade to connect measurements of molybdenum and tungsten divertor sources to scrape-o↵ layer (SOL) and core impurity transport, supporting the installation of high-Z plasma facing compo- nents which is scheduled to begin with a row of molybdenum tiles. Imaging with narrow-bandpass interference filters and high-resolution spectroscopy will be coupled to estimate divertor impurity influxes. Vacuum ultraviolet and extreme ultraviolet spectrometers will allow connecting high-Z sources to SOL transport and core impurity content. The high-Z diagnostics suite complements the existing measurements for low-Z impurities (carbon and lithium), critical for the characterization of sputtering of high-Z materials.
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