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Title: Traveling and begging elephants of India: An Investigation into the Status, Management and Welfare Significance
Contributors: Varma, Surendra
Ganguly, Suparana
Sujata, S.R.
Bhavsar, Snehal
Jain, Sandeep K
Bhanage, Nilesh
Keywords: Elephants--Religious aspects--Hinduism.
Elephants--Religious aspects—Buddhism
Elephants in numismatics
Captive elephants--History
Elephants as pets
Captive Elephants - Management andWelfare
Traveling and begging elephants of Maharashtra
Traveling and begging elephants of Gujarat
Traveling and begging elephants of Punjab
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA) and Asian Nature Conservation Foundation (ANCF)
Place of Publication: Bangalore, India
Description: "“Keeping wild animals like elephants in captivity outside their natural distribution range may compromise the ability to provide them with a natural environment and scope for natural behaviour. Elephants kept chiefly to generate income by travelling and begging (labeled Travel- Begging elephants) are generally found far from their natural distribution range and are forced to go through unnatural lifestyles. States such as Gujarat, Maharashtra and Punjab do not have any wild elephants but they have a sizeable number of captive elephants, most of which come under the category of Travel-Begging syndrome. Although there are recent reports of wild elephants straying into Maharashtra from adjoining forest regions of Karnataka, this does not qualify Maharashtra as a state where wild elephants are found.”
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