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Plasma Physics

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Modeling and Physics Design of a Lithium Vapor Box DivertorEmdee, Eric
2022Using high power lasers as a tool for secondary sources and laboratory astrophysicsLezhnin, Kirill
2022Laboratory study of the stability of solar-relevant, arched, line-tied magnetic flux ropesAlt, Andrew
2022Dynamos in Stably Stratified FluidsSkoutnev, Valentin
2022QuasisymmetryRodriguez, Eduardo
2022Metaplectic Geometrical OpticsLopez, Nicolas Alexander
2022Gauge Structure in Algorithms for Plasma PhysicsGlasser, Alexander S.
2022Controlling and Exploiting Perpendicular Rotation in Magnetized PlasmasOchs, Ian Emanuel
2022Particle, Charge, and Energy Rearrangement in Rotating Magnetized PlasmaKolmes, Elijah John
2021Particle acceleration due to magnetic reconnection using laser-powered capacitor coilsChien, Abraham
2021Comprehensive dynamic analysis of the H-mode pedestal in DIII-DNelson, Andrew Oakleigh
2021Short-pulse-heated Plasma Dynamics near Solid Density via X-ray LineshapesKraus, Brian Francis
2020Phase-space theory of drift wave–zonal flow interactions and the Dimits shiftZhu, Hongxuan
2020Experimental and modeling studies for the development of the lithium vapor-box divertorSchwartz, Jacob A
2020Radiative Processes in Astrophysical and Laboratory PlasmasMunirov, Vadim R.
2020Solar Equilibrium à la Grad-ShafranovGunderson, Lee Michael
2020Magnetic Field Generation and Reconnection in High Energy Density PlasmasMatteucci, Jackson
2020Quantum Hydrodynamics: Theory and Computation with Applications to Charged Particle Stopping in Warm Dense MatterMichta, David
2020Theory and Simulations of Compressional and Global Alfven Eigenmode Stability in Spherical TokamaksLestz, Jeff
2019Fluctuation Dynamo in Collisionless and Weakly Collisional Magnetized PlasmasSt-Onge, Denis A.
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 65