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Astrophysical Sciences, 1990-2021

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jul-2021Planet Hunting: Searching for Long Period Exoplanets Utilizing the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite and the Hungarian-made Automated TelescopeForese, Mark
29-Jul-2021A Multifaceted Approach to Space PhysicsEddy, Tyler
29-Jul-2021Bayesian Deep Learning for Large Scale StructureSlav, Shai
29-Jul-2021Designing The Positioning System of The Space Physics Laboratory Vacuum Chamber and Calibrating SWAPI - NASA IMAPPapamatthaiou, Alexandros
29-Jul-2021Correlations Between Quasars and Their Host Galaxies with Hyper Suprime-Cam and the Sloan Digital Sky SurveyKeegan, Cade
29-Jul-2021A Model for Spherically Symmetric Matter Collapse, Black Holes and WormholesMenegas, Alexander
29-Jul-2021The nebular properties of star-forming galaxies at intermediate redshifts from LEGA-CHelton, Jakob "Jake"
29-Jul-2021Visualizing Electron Acceleration in Simulations of Collisionless ShocksMedlock, Isabel
24-Sep-2020Space Debris: A Survey of the Legal RegimeXie, Chen Arden
24-Sep-2020Finding voids billions of years in advance with machine learningWu, Andrew
24-Sep-2020deep21: A Deep Learning Network for 21 cm CosmologyMakinen, Lucas
24-Sep-2020Investigating Kinetic Instabilities Within the Solar Wind Plasma using Hybrid-Kinetic Particle-in Cell CodeWalker, Malik
24-Sep-2020The Geometry of Planetary Systems: An Exploration of the Obliquities of Kepler Planet-Hosting StarsLouden, Emma
24-Sep-2020Variability Analysis of Stars from TESS Sectors 6 & 7Kelly, Liam
24-Sep-2020The Answer, My Friend, is Blowing in the Stellar Wind: The Impact of Early Stellar Feedback on the Interstellar MediumGolant, Ryan
24-Sep-2020The Color Dependence of Galaxy Clustering Measured by the Hyper Suprime-Camera SurveyCruz, Hector Afonso
24-Sep-2020Cosmic Chemical Evolution in and around GalaxiesChoo, Chris
24-Sep-2020Smoothing the Universe by Cosmological Contraction with Various Scalar Field PotentialsDavies, Elliot
24-Sep-2020Simulation Analysis of High-Mass X-Ray Binaries as Merging Binary Black Hole ProgenitorsLiotine, Camille
24-Sep-2020Host Galaxies of Quasars in Hyper Suprime-Cam:Single, Dual, and FadingBaird, Michelle
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 143