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Physics, 1936-2020

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Oct-2020Hubbard U Corrections for 3d Transition-Metal Oxides within the SCAN+U Framework in Density Functional TheoryLong, Olivia
2-Oct-2020Searching for Lepton Flavor Violations in the Large Hadron ColliderKimmel, Benjamin
2-Oct-2020Large N, large j: Calculating scaling dimensions of large-charge operators in the O(N) vector modelHyman, Jonah
2-Oct-2020Superconformal Blocks from the Superconformal Casimir in 3D $\mathcal{N} = 6$ SCFTsJerdee, Max
2-Oct-2020Self-Interacting Dark Matter Halos in Dwarf GalaxiesGlushchenko, Iryna
2-Oct-2020Properties of the \(O(N)\) Vector Model in Various DimensionsHuang, Richard
2-Oct-2020Minimal surfaces in hyperbolic space and defect CFTsFosbinder-Elkins, Harry
2-Oct-2020Cosmological Constraints on Sub-GeV Dark MatterGiovanetti, Cara
2-Oct-2020Generating Cosmological Perturbations in Ekpyrotic, Rapid-Bounce ScenariosFarajun, Oriel
2-Oct-2020Numerical magnetohydrodynamics simulations of star formation and giant molecular cloud destructionFilippova, Nina
2-Oct-2020Enabling Solar-Powered Personal Electric Vehicles for Short Distance TravelCorbella, Carlota
2-Oct-2020Amorphous robotCimen, Baran
2-Oct-2020Functional Connectivity in the Brain of C. elegansChakraverti-Wuerthwein, Milena
2-Oct-2020Black-Box Optimization Techniques with Adaptive Learning for Multi-Qubit Gate OptimizationCharbonneau, Andrew
2-Oct-2020The Convergence of Semi-Classical and Quantum Mechanics: Examining Atomic Radiation through the Lens of the Correspondence PrincipleArnold, Jasper
2-Oct-2020The Generalized Heuristic Drift Model of the Tokamak Scrape-Off Layer WidthBrown, Andrew
2-Oct-2020Exploring the Hubble Parameter Tension with Early Dark EnergyAkhmetzhanova, Aizhan
2-Oct-2020Cancer Evolutionary and Population Dynamics on a Microfabricated Stress LandscapeSun, Yusha
11-Sep-2019Buckling of Geometrically Frustrated Frames: Spin Model Approaches and Finite Element AnalysisZheng, Yinan
26-Jul-2019Phase Transitions of Two-Dimensional Crystals in a Magnetic Field: Topological Perspectives on the Hofstadter ProblemHerzog-Arbeitman, Jonah
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 608