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Physics, 1936-2023

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Jul-2023Inertial Spinner Swarms: Emergence, Entropies, and ExponentialsWilson, Jared
18-Jul-2023Quasi-periodic Site Percolation on the Triangular LatticePolson, Sarah
18-Jul-2023Hyperuniformity and Photonic Properties in Solids with Bond-Orientational OrderZentner, Aidan
18-Jul-2023Attention Perturbed: Finite-Width Analysis of Attention-Based Deep Neural Network Architectures at InitializationCurto Correia Contente, Edoardo Miguel
18-Jul-2023A Layman's Chess EngineYoder, Lance
18-Jul-2023Exploration of Partial Differential Equations Governing the Motion of Ruptured Thin FilmsAhsan, Taosif
18-Jul-2023Predicting Massive Death: A Deep Learning Study on the Stellar Structure at Core CollapseSun, Danny
18-Jul-2023Toward understanding the (mathematical) knowledge learned by large language modelsWood-Thomas, Devon
18-Jul-2023The LEAR Detector: Simulation and Construction of a Test Bed for Low Energy Recoils in Liquid ArgonSledge, Jae
18-Jul-2023The Noise Measurement of Nitrogen Vacancy Center Correlations Below the Diffraction Limit in DiamondRulke, Elisabeth
18-Jul-2023Field-Level Simulation-Based Inference of Large-Scale StructureParker, Liam
18-Jul-2023Exploring the Entanglement Spectrum of the 2-D Chern InsulatorLi, Alfred
18-Jul-2023Comparing Satellite Orbits for Cold and Self-Interacting Dark Matter ModelsMaehring, Rebecka
18-Jul-2023Physical Controls of Coastal Hypoxia in the Indian Ocean DipolePang, Rachel
18-Jul-2023Design and Implementation of a Persistent Switch for Superconducting MagnetOller, Bryan
18-Jul-2023Laser and Millimeter Wave Spectroscopy of YtterbiumKnapp, Daniel
18-Jul-2023Design of an Electromagnetic Filter for Relic Neutrino DetectionIwasaki, Yuno
18-Jul-2023Statistical Physics of Dynamic Representations in Neural NetworksGitahi, Brian
18-Jul-2023Using Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime to Study Quantum Quenches of Phononic Lattice SystemsFoo, Bryan
18-Jul-2023Observing and Modeling the Chirping Effect in Acousto-Optic ModulatorsDeNeve, Andrew
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 692