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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Results from the Social Environment and Biomarkers of Aging Study (SEBAS) 2000Glei, Dana A.; Weinstein, Maxine; Goldman, Noreen; Chang, Min-Cheng; Chuang, Yi-Li; Lin, Yu-Hsuan; Lin, Harvey S.
2003How Are Biomarkers Related to Physical and Mental Well-Being?Seplaki, Christopher L.; Weinstein, Maxine; Lin, Yu-Hsuan; Goldman, Noreen
2004A Comparative Analysis of Measurement Approaches for Physiological Dysregulation in an Older PopulationSeplaki, Christopher L.; Goldman, Noreen; Glei, Dana; Weinstein, Maxine
2002Social Ties and Perceived Support: Two Dimensions of Social Relationships and Health Among the Elderly in TaiwanCornman, Jennifer C.; Goldman, Noreen; Glei, Dana A.; Weinstein, Maxine; Chang, Ming-Cheng
2007Do Chronic Stressors lead to Physiological Dysregulation? Testing the theory of Allostatic LoadGlei, Dana A.; Goldman, Noreen; Weinstein, Maxine
2003Before and After the 1999 Chi-Chi Earthquake: Traumatic Events and Depressive Symptoms in an Older PopulationSeplaki, Christopher L.; Goldman, Noreen; Weinstein, Maxine
2004Perceived Stress and Physiological DysregulationGoldman, Noreen; Glei, Dana A.; Seplaki, Christopher; Liu, I-Wen; Weinstein, Maxine
2003Sex Differentials in Biological Risk Factors for Chronic Disease: Estimates from Population-based SurveysGoldman, Noreen; Weinstein, Maxine; Cornman, Jennifer; Singer, Burton; Seeman, Teresa; Chang, Ming-Cheng
-Evaluating the Quality of Self-Reports of Hypertension and DiabetesGoldman, Noreen; Lin, I-fen; Weinstein, Maxine; Lin, Yu-Hsuan
2006Predicting Mortality from Standard and Nontraditional BiomarkersGoldman, Noreen; Turra, Cassio M.; Glei, Dana A.; Seplaki, Christopher L.; Lin, Yu-Hsuan; Weinstein, Maxine