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Computer Science, 1987-2023

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jul-2024Surveying the Clifford Group and Magic-State DistillationShah, Vedant
13-Jul-2024Rescript: An LLM-powered Application to Track Congressional Policy MeetingsAjjarapu, Nikhil
13-Jul-2024Speaking Browser: On Patterns in Web Browsing History and the Efficacy of Seq2Seq Models for Access PredictionSherman, Justin
13-Jul-2024Reconstructing Sea Surface Temperature Fields with Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic ModelsMerchant, Charlotte
13-Jul-2024NLP Classification on English and Chinese Pop MusicZhang, Chenhan
1987The Minc Programming Language, A Language Interpreter for Computer MusiciansGraf, Lars O.
18-Aug-2023Decidability of an Array Separation Logic fragment with Data ConstraintsMehta, Vaibhav
28-Jul-2023The Last Thing We Forget: Applying Natural Language Processing to Decode Memories Evoked by Modern MusicRodrigues, Katelyn
28-Jul-2023Spatial Action Maps for Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Search and RescueBarretto, Daphne
28-Jul-2023Selling to a Sophisticated No-Regret BuyerSchechter Vera, Henrique
28-Jul-2023Exploring the Expressiveness of Graph Neural Networks With Generic Rigidity PredictionJain, Sahil
28-Jul-2023Encoding the Brain: An Investigation of Models for Improved Neural Activity Predictions of Perceived ImagesWeisberg, David
28-Jul-2023Cost Efficiency of Generating a Geodiverse Dataset for Object ClassificationLin, Phoebe
28-Jul-2023A Set of Problems on Decentralized AuctionsGollapudi, Aditya
28-Jul-2023Learning in the Wild: Challenges With Out-of-Distribution DataZhang, Byron
28-Jul-2023Efficient, template-based, self-supervised 2D human pose estimationYoo, Nobline
28-Jul-2023How to Answer a Question? Rethinking Open-Domain Question Answering with Multi-Type QuestionsYen, Howard
28-Jul-2023Fairness in Machine Learning: Investigating Gender Bias in Fintech Non-Mortgage Home LoansYao, Cynthia
28-Jul-2023Spots: Exploring expiration time-based distributed caching System on FlashXu, Hanna
28-Jul-2023Mipot: A Competitive Multiplayer Cooking GameXu, Connie
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 931