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Title: Boris Godunov archival documents
Contributors: Sergei Prokofiev, V. A. Pyast
Keywords: Boris Godunov
Issue Date: 12-Sep-2013
Appears in Collections:Pushkin-Prokofiev at Princeton

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Beseda kompozitora S. S. Prokof'eva.pdf71.36 kBAdobe PDFView/Download
O likvidatsii teatra im. Meierkhol'da.pdf95.05 kBAdobe PDFView/Download
Pis'mo Arkad'eva k Stalinu.pdf1.37 MBAdobe PDFView/Download
S. S. Prokof'ev - Boris Godunov.pdf513.84 kBAdobe PDFView/Download
V. A. Piast - K stsene so zlym chernetsom.pdf205.6 kBAdobe PDFView/Download

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