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Title: Captive Elephants under Private Ownership in India: An Investigation into the Population Status, Management and Welfare Significance
Contributors: Surendra Varma, Surendra
Sarma, Kushal Konwar
Abraham, David
Sujata, S.R.
Rajeev, T.S.
Namboodiri, Nibha
Valliyatte, Madhulal
Keywords: Captive elephants
Elephanta Island (India)
Elephants--Moral and ethical aspects.
Timber--India--Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Timber--India--Andaman Islands.
Captive elephants --- private owners - Andaman
Captive Elephants -- private owners -- Assam
Captive elephants -- private owners -- Karnataka
Captive elephants -- private owners – Bihar
Captive elephants -- private owners – Kerala
Captive elephants -- private owners – Rajasthan
Captive Animals’ Protection Society
Captive elephants--History.
Captive Elephants - Management andWelfare
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA) and Asian Nature Conservation Foundation (ANCF)
Place of Publication: Bangalore, India
Description: "The report aims to evaluate the existing welfare and management status of captive elephants. The document has seven sections; section one deals with overall welfare status of all the elephants kept under private ownership. Section two covers the exclusive status of captive elephants kept under private owners in Andaman Island, third section deals with elephants from Assam, fourth from Bihar, fifth from 2 different private ownership categories from Karnataka. Sixth chapter covers elephants from Kerala and the seventh from Rajasthan. The information gained through this investigation is an effort to focus on the current conditions of captive elephants in private ownership and for the first time to highlight their captive conditions onto the national and international radar along with, possible improvements and recommendations for their welfare and protection."
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