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Title: Summary of Princeton Workshop on Geological Storage of CO2
Contributors: Celia, Michael A.
Nordbotten, Jan M.
Bachu, Stefan
Kavetski, Dmitri
Gasda, Sarah
Keywords: report
Issue Date: 10-May-2010
Abstract: The workshop had four general objectives: 1. Identification of the important physical and chemical processes that need to be included for practical estimation of leakage from subsurface CO2 storage sites. 2. Identification of computational limitations for modeling CO2 injection, migration, and leakage. 3. Identification of key data needs to predict CO2 fate and estimate potential leakage. 4. Definition of a test problem, or series of test problems, that could serve as a common basis for model comparison, where the term 'model' is construed broadly. This common activity could then serve as a starting point for a community effort to develop shared, or common, components of CO2 models.
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