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Statistics, 1967-1985

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1969An Inquiry into the Estimation of Common Stock Yield VariancesMeyer, III, J. Christopher
1976An Examination of the Relationships between Stock Prices and Sales and Earnings per Share DataKnapp, Jr., Harry E.
1980An Examination of the Problem of Coverage of a Circle of N Random ArcsOliveri, Cathy-Maria
1985An Examination of Clustering TechniquesLochart, Andrew M.
1976An Economic Analysis of Residential Natural Gas Consumption in Twin Rivers, New JerseyHorowitz, Cindy E.
1971An Approach to the Analysis of Time-Dependent Single-Channel QueuesOleson, Gary L.
1976An Application of Robust Regression to the Forecasting of the Value of the United States DollarThum, Steven D.
1980An Application of Factor Analysis to Data from the 1970 National Fertility StudyRatner, Susan
1976An Analysis of Winter Furnace and Appliance Use PatternsShookster, Linda Anne
1985An Analysis of Underwater Noise DataMurray, Joseph J.
1982An Analysis of Marriage Dissolution: Constant Hazards Model and Automatic Interaction Detection AppliedBellamy, Margaret Gimpel
1975An Analysis of Insurance DataDye, Myron L.
1973An Analysis of Heart Transplant DataEure, Dianna Y.
1977An Adaptive Smoothing TechniqueTheron, Peter
1976Voter Registration by Mail in the United StatesMcNichol, Elizabeth C.
1967Use of Categorized Variables in Prediction ProblemsHaberman, Shelby J.
1979Two Random Mechanisms for Forming a Straight LineLee, Ho-Jin
1981Treatment for Ex-Prisoners. Differences Among SubgroupsChaplin, Rawson
1982Transformations of Samples of Size Two and ThreeGrover, George
1983Three Techniques for Normalized Windrose AnalysisSchulman, Stuart
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 229