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Title: Shakespeare and Company Project Dataset: Lending Library Members, Books, Events
Contributors: Kotin, Joshua
Koeser, Rebecca Sutton
Adair, Carl
Alagappan, Serena
Allen, Paige
Bauer, Jean
Browne, Oliver J.
Budak, Nick
Calver, Harriet
Chow, Jin Yun
Davis, Ian
Doroudian, Gissoo
Engel, Currie
Gautreau, Violet
Gjaja, Alex
Green, Elspeth
Hart, Isaac
Hicks, Benjamin
Joelson, Madeleine E.
Kelly, Carolyn
Krolewski, Sara
Li, Xinyi
Maag, Ellie
Macksey, Elizabeth
Mahoney, Cate
Mancino, Francesca
McCarthy, Jesse D.
Naydan, Mary
Root, Sally
Ruehl, Isabel
Thode, Sylvie
Vandermel, Katherine
VanSant, Camey
Wulfman, Clifford E.
Keywords: Beach, Sylvia—Archives
Shakespeare and Company (Paris, France)—History—Sources
Libraries—France—Paris—History—20th century—Sources
Expatriate authors—France—Paris—Books and reading—History—20th century—Sources
Paris (France)—Intellectual life—20th century—Sources
Library patrons
Library collections
Library circulation and loans
Library subscriptions
Issue Date: 29-Jan-2021
Publisher: Princeton University
Abstract: The Shakespeare and Company Project makes three datasets available to download in CSV and JSON formats. The datasets provide information about lending library members; the books that circulated in the lending library; and lending library events, including borrows, purchases, memberships, and renewals. The datasets may be used individually or in combination site URLs are consistent identifiers across all three. The DOIs for each dataset are as follows: Members (; Books (; Events (
Description: All data is related to the Shakespeare and Company bookshop and lending library opened and operated by Sylvia Beach in Paris, 1919–1962. For version 1.1 of the Shakespeare and Company datasets, we augmented and refined our data, and added two new fields to the events dataset. We added 859 addresses to the members dataset, seven books and 230 eBook links to the books dataset, and 1,290 events to the events dataset. We also reduced the number of members in the members dataset from 5726 to 5601 by merging records that belonged to the same member and removing mistaken records. In all three datasets, we corrected mistakes—for example, publication dates of books, VIAF links for members—and added missing dates. The two new fields in the events dataset provide the duration of borrowing events in days (when possible) and the source type or types of every subscription and borrowing event: lending library cards, logbooks, address books. To represent events that have multiple sources, we made three fields in the events dataset multivalued: source_citation, source_manifest, source_image. For more specific information, see change logs included with the individual datasets.
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