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Geosciences, 1929-2020

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Sep-2020Holocene Climate Change in Norway: A Multi-Proxy Lacustrine Record From Proglacial Lake KongressvatnetAckley, Roman
28-Sep-2020Evaluation of a Portable Sequentially Shifted Excitation Raman Spectrometer for Applications in Art and ArchaeologyZielinski, Laurie
28-Sep-2020Effect of Fe Addition and Oxygen Exposure on Methane Release from Temperate Wetland SoilRusley, Calvin
28-Sep-2020Retention and loss of fixed nitrogen in a Pacific oxygen minimum zoneWallace, Elizabeth
28-Sep-2020Pinpointing the Provenance of Deccan ZirconsO'Connor, Liam
28-Sep-2020Fingerprinting Pb in Trenton tap waterHochman, Polly
28-Sep-2020Dynamics of Coupled Soil Moisture and Plant Capacitance Systems from Daily to Interannual ScalesCopeland, Charles
28-Sep-2020Ca and Mg fractionation in C3 and C4 grasses and their implications for reconstructing paleodiets and serving as biosignaturesHagge, Perrin
28-Sep-2020Seed Theory and ENSO: Evaluating the Distribution of Tropical CyclogenesisCavoli, Alexander
28-Sep-2020Composting of Leaf Litter and Food Waste: Improving Quality and Application by Mixing and Chemical AmendmentsCoates, Kiley
28-Sep-2020Turbulent influence on the Tropical Tropopause Layer: global convection-resolving model studyBartusek, Sam
28-Sep-2020Environmental Effects of Deccan Volcanism During the Late CretaceousBasu, Udit
25-Jul-2019Primary Productivity in the Gulf of Alaska in a High-Resolution Global Climate ModelWalsh, Keeley
25-Jul-2019Seismological Analysis of the Mohorovičić and Mantle Discontinuities Below Cape Verde using Receiver FunctionsTralie, James
25-Jul-2019Contributions of Overshooting Convection Over the South Asian Monsoon Region to Stratospheric Water VaporPeterson, Kimberly
25-Jul-2019Environmental Factors Influencing the Formation of Organobromines in Coastal SoilsPeng, SiSi
25-Jul-2019Prochlorococcus & the Secondary Chlorophyll Maximum in the East Tropical North Pacific Oxygen Deficient ZoneMitchell, Mitch
25-Jul-2019An Extreme Value Analysis (EVA) of Extreme Sea-Level (ESL) Events in Hawai‘i to Evaluate the Hawai‘i Sea-Level Rise Vulnerability and Adaptation ReportMartin, Jake
25-Jul-2019How do shallow carbonates record sea level and seawater chemistry?Geyman, Emily
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 296