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Population Studies

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Integrating genetic data to examine the link between religious attendance and demographic behaviors in the United StatesQi, Jinyuan
2022Records of Exclusion: Chinese Immigration in Historical PerspectivePostel, Hannah Melissa
2022Diversity From the Top Down: Relational Demography in the Teacher and School Leader WorkforceDelCorazon, Gina Russell
2022Mechanisms of the Social Production of Population Health Inequality in the United StatesHimmelstein, Georgia
2021Family Size in Low-Fertility China: Determinants and EffectsChen, Shuang
2020Spatial Demography and the Epidemiology of MeaslesKorevaar, Hannah Michelle
2020Health Across the Life CourseAndrasfay, Theresa
2020Causes and Consequences of Low Fertility in Western CountriesQuerin, Federica
2019Modernization and Household Change in IndiaBreton, Etienne
2019It’s about Time: Improving the Measurement of Time Use in Low-resource SettingsMarin, Margaret Celeste
2017A map for all seasons: Tracking transmission dynamics and mortality of childhood infections through the yearMahmud, Ayesha S
2017With a Little Help From My Friends? Examining the Role of Peer Homophily in High School SuccessMirakhur, Zitsi
2016Integrating Data, Demography, and Dynamics to Inform Vaccination Policy: Measles and Rubella in a Changing WorldWinter, Amy Kaye
2015Three Essays on Child Health and Economic Wellbeing in Four Developing CountriesNolan, Laura Baronoff
2015Network Reporting MethodsFeehan, Dennis Michael
2015Relationships between Marriage and Fertility Changes in Six sub-Saharan African CountriesSayi, Takudzwa
2015Men and Contraception in Sub-Saharan AfricaBietsch, Kristin E.
2013Body Weight, Weight Change, and Mortality RiskBlue, Laura
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20