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Molecular Biology, 1954-2023

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jul-2023Quorum-sensing-mediated communication with its bacterial host informs the phage VP882 lysis-lysogeny decisionDeturk, Evan
28-Jul-2023Brain Drain: Investigating the Role of Chronic Stress on Mitochondrial Functioning in the Mouse BrainDevraj, Varun
28-Jul-2023Plants, Pathogens and Algae: Modern Approaches to Fortify Global Food SecurityDuggal, Keenan
28-Jul-2023Towards RNA Antibiotics: Investigating Antisense Oligonucleotides in Escherichia coliElzawawy, Minatulah
28-Jul-2023Proposing a Model System for study of Cell-ECM Interactions in CNS Wound HealingHayes, Jacob
28-Jul-2023Investigating prophage induction dynamics and mechanisms behind prophage induction in B. subtilisHeo, Shelley
28-Jul-2023The Placebo and Nocebo Effects: A Tale of Use and MisuseHigazy, Ahmad
28-Jul-2023Gender-Affirming Medical Care: Longitudinal Effects on DNA Methylation and Psychological Well-Being in Transgender and Gender Diverse YouthHilscher, Gillian
28-Jul-2023Characterizing Vangl2's Interaction with Celsr1 And Investigating the Function of Neural Tube Defect-Associated Vangl2 MutantsJohnson, Ishea
28-Jul-2023Rewiring cytokine receptors for customized cellular responsesHsu, Rachel
28-Jul-2023Uncovering the Function of Marsupial Cathelicidins: Macrophage Modulation and Direct Antibacterial DefenseKaage, Aellah
28-Jul-2023Investigating the Post-Transcriptional Regulation of Nodal Inhibitor dand5 during Left-Right Patterning in ZebrafishKamel, Maryam
28-Jul-2023An Investigation of the Phase Separation and Interaction of Oskar and Vasa through Cellular Reconstitution of Drosophila Protein CondensatesKim, Irene
28-Jul-2023Designing a Phage Cocktail for V. cholerae O139Koh, Zephanie
28-Jul-2023Frontiers in Multiple Myeloma Cell Therapy - Approaching a Cure? A Comprehensive Meta-Analysis of anti-BCMA CAR-T Cell TherapiesLeschly, Jayme
28-Jul-2023Dysregulation of Collagen Fibrillogenesis with a Mutation in FibronectinMeitl, Faith
28-Jul-2023Investigation of Human Cytomegalovirus-Driven Modulation of Membrane Contact Sites and Organelle Remodeling Across Virus Strains and Infected Cell TypesMui, Cody
28-Jul-2023Characterizing phosphorylation-driven IFI16 liquid-liquid phase separation and innate immune signaling during HSV-1 infectionNúñez, Corazón
28-Jul-2023Engineering an FGF/ERK Transcriptional Reporter to Detect Drug-Inducible Ligand Secretion in GastruloidsPatel, Dev
28-Jul-2023Investigating the Role of Myosin II in the Formation of Seamless Tubes in the Tracheal System of DrosophilaRuiz Leon, Ivan
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2081