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Chemical and Biological Engineering, 1931-2020

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2020Impact of RNA Polymerase Regulators on Nitric Oxide Detoxification by Escherichia coliCho, Heather
1-Oct-2020Unraveling Transcriptional Dynamics in Early Drosophila EmbryosJuechser, Elisabeth
1-Oct-2020Assessing the Role of Solar-Powered Microgrids Within the Context of Grid Expansion in Rural IndiaWagner, Riley
1-Oct-2020Lost in Translation: The Effects of Nitric Oxide Stress on Translational Errors in Escherichia coliZhao, Janet
1-Oct-2020Improving Groundwater Remediation: Elastic Turbulence-Induced Scalar MixingShih, Audrey
1-Oct-2020Characterization of Colliding Tissues: The Role of Geometry in Epithelial Gap ClosureStrain, Jake
1-Oct-2020Characterizing the combined effects of mesoporosity and crystal size on conversion, product selectivity and deactivation rates on hierarchical BEA zeoliteOdigie, Florence
1-Oct-2020PDMS as a Novel Photobioreactor Material for Algae BiofuelsO'Connell, Maggie
1-Oct-2020Investigation of the impact of crystal sizes of Metal-Organic Frameworks on their heterogeneous catalytic activity for oxidation reactionsNsanzineza, Serge Priam
1-Oct-2020Heterologous Systems and Kinetic Modeling to Study the Molecular Mechanism of Mevalonate Transport and Utilization in YeastMayo, Alex
1-Oct-2020Synthesis of High Drug Loading Nanocarriers & Image Analysis Characterization of Spherical MicroparticlesLewis, Parker
1-Oct-2020Evaluating Synthetic Peptide Mimics for Biomimetic MaterialsManning, Madison
1-Oct-2020Exploring Acid Flocculation in Antimalarial Nanoparticle FormulationsIssah, Luqman
1-Oct-2020Formation and Characterization of Vitrified Cellulose Layer around NanoparticlesGrego, Brittany
1-Oct-2020Correlating Microstructural Characteristic Ratios to Mechanical Properties in Isotactic Polypropylene (iPP)Evans, Bobby
1-Oct-2020A Data-Driven Neural Network for State-of-Health Estimation in Lithium Ion BatteriesBaldwin, Todd
1-Oct-2020Influences of Mechanotransduction Through Integrin-Linked Kinase on Collective Cell MigrationAnandasivam, Niroshan
1-Oct-2020Morphology-dependent motility of bacteria in porous media: The Long and Short of itChen, Glenda
1-Oct-2020Advective Transport of Tenascin-C During Lung Branching Morphogenesis from the Airway Epithelium into the MesenchymeZhang, Rawlison
1-Oct-2020Thermal Properties and Recrystallization Tendencies of Pharmaceutical Amorphous Solid Dispersions using a Thin Film ModelBechtold, Alexander
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1190