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Psychology, 1930-2020

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Sep-2020Effect of Perceptions of Facial Maturity on Juror Decision-Making in Juvenile Transfer OutcomesLu, Serena
30-Sep-2020An Argument for Empirical Research of Psychodramatic TherapyLee, Carol
30-Sep-2020How Good Is Diversity? An Exploration of the Relationship Between Perceptions of Microaggressions and Diversity Rationales in UniversitiesJennings, Heavyn
30-Sep-2020Superhumanization Bias and Treatment-Seeking Behavior Among Black AmericansJamison, Kuteara
30-Sep-2020An Exploration of the Relation between Naive Realism and Likability Amongst Disagreeing IndividualsKlebanov, Sarah
30-Sep-2020Driving While Black on Robert E. Lee Boulevard? An Investigation of Racial Profiling in Traffic Stops and Searches on Streets Named for Confederate Figures in the United States SouthHorner, Nicole
30-Sep-2020All Skinfolk Ain’t Kinfolk: Examining Diasporic Differences Along Dimensions of Black IdentityHudlin, McKalah
30-Sep-2020Attitude Dissimilarity and Relationships: Investigating the Impact of Attitude Dissimilarity and Type of Partner on Relationship OutcomesHoffman, Krista
30-Sep-2020Names, Accents, and Racial Linguistic Profiling: Linguistic and Racial Prejudice as Mechanisms of Discrimination Against Speakers of African American Vernacular EnglishGrady, Grace
30-Sep-2020Surprisingly, Not ImpossibleGorucu, Sera
30-Sep-2020More than the X’s and O’s: Understanding the Coach-Athlete Relationship Through Evaluations of Interdependence and Satisfaction at Princeton UniversityEbel, MacKenzie
30-Sep-2020Biracial Social Networks: Gender Differences in Social Preferences of Racially Ambiguous Biracial Latinx/White IndividualsGarcia, Gianna
30-Sep-2020Discussing Diversity: How Interracial Communication is Impacted by Diversity FrameFein, Hannah
30-Sep-2020Reimagining Baumrind’s Parenting Archetypes: Affective Outcomes of Communication During Parental Control Assertions in Black ChildrenCloird, Ymhani
30-Sep-2020Challenging the Choking Phenomenon: Boosting Confidence to Combat Performance AnxietiesD'Arcy, Patrick
30-Sep-2020Books and Bias: The Relationship Between Visuo-spatial Attention Bias and Reading Skills in ChildrenCheng, Debby
30-Sep-2020A Polysemous World: An Examination of Polysemous Word Learning in ToddlersCay, Mariesa
30-Sep-2020Selecting a Suitable Sport: The Influence of Attachment Styles on How Collegiate Athletes Choose Their SportsCastellano, Amy
30-Sep-2020Every Trick in the Book: Children Simultaneously Learn Multiple Dimensions of Information During Shared Book ReadingBreitfeld, Ellie
20-Aug-2019The neural mechanisms supporting habituation to audiovisual association in infants: An fNIRS and looking time studyWang, Alice
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 3438