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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jul-2014Exergaming as a Behavior Reduction Intervention for Autistic Adolescents with Self-Stimulatory BehaviorsKeriazakos, Andrea
3-Jul-2014A study on scarcity: How having too little time affects cognitive abilitiesJonas, Margaret
7-Jul-2014Leading On Thin Ice: The Effect of Race and Gender on Evaluations of Imperfect LeadersCaton, Spencer
7-Jul-2014The mediating role of metacognition in the relationship between adult attachment style and worryDearborn, Benjamin
7-Jul-2014Medication Non-Adherence: An Invisible Epidemic An Exploration of Factors Contributing to the Psychology of Scarcity in an Urban Population of Disadvantaged Type 2 DiabeticsGurakar, Merve
7-Jul-2014Skirting the Limits of Speech Intelligibility The Role of Theta-Oscillations in Decoding Degraded Speech: A Behavioral and Electrocorticographical Study of the Auditory Pop-Out EffectMartin, Christan David
7-Jul-2014Facial Perception in Major League Baseball: Evaluations of Future Career Success on the Basis of Subconscious Facial PerceptionGoetz, Alexander
7-Jul-2014Autism and Academic Interest: Presence and Acceptance of Autism Spectrum Disorder among Princeton University StudentsMartin, Kelsey
7-Jul-2014Motor Control & Adaptation: Investigating the Two Stream Hypothesis of Visual Processing and the Effectiveness of Contextual Information on the Consolidation of Internal ModelsDavis, Trocon
7-Jul-2014Antecedents to Socioeconomic Stereotypes in Children Ages 6 - 10Feliciano, Alexis