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Psychology, 1930-2023

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Jul-2023Walking Your Runway: How Personality Affects Self-Expression through the Medium of ClothingKeopple, Mariah
25-Jul-2023The Relationship between Perceived Social Support and LGBTQ+ Foster Youth Mental HealthRaber, Grey
25-Jul-2023An Intervention to Reduce Loneliness in Older Adults Living in Nursing HomesNaseer, Nimrah
25-Jul-2023The Depression Confession: How Disclosing a Student’s Depression Diagnosis Impacts the Actions and Perceptions of School TeachersJerez, Rosmeilyn
25-Jul-2023A Psychological Pandemic: The Effects of Social Group Identity and Normative Influences on College Students’ COVID-19 Risk BehaviorWilson, Julie
25-Jul-2023Yes, Coach! Examining Athlete Willingness to Receive Critical Feedback from their Head CoachWeger, Lexi
25-Jul-2023Caregiver Stress and Its Implications on Infant Functional Connectivity: A Novel EEG Coherence StudyWeatherhead, Matthew
25-Jul-2023The Impact of COVID-19 on Children's Social Networks and Word LearningWatson, Erin
25-Jul-2023The Social Student: an investigation of the relationship between undergraduate mental health outcomes and social factors at Princeton UniversityVenema, Nicole
25-Jul-2023Modeling Social Cue Integration in Aesthetic EvaluationsUrano, Yoko
25-Jul-2023Optimizing the Soldier’s Mind: How the United States Military May Categorize Tasks by Related Mental Workload Demand to Promote Optimal Performance in a Multidimensional BattlefieldStout, Lillian
25-Jul-2023E-race-ing Memory: Potential Implications of Emotional Valence and the Own-Race Bias for Eyewitness TestimonySmith-Frank, Chloe
25-Jul-2023Developing Children’s Racial Preferences Across Contexts: The Influence of Ingroup Familiarity and Hierarchical StatusSmith, Shea
25-Jul-2023Is imposter syndrome an imposter diagnosis? Framing, internalizing, and self-fulfilling prophecies in student achievement.Smith, Arianna
25-Jul-2023The Instagram Diet: Social Media’s Influence on Young Women’s Body ImageSimkus, Julia
25-Jul-2023Mind Over Media: The Effects of Self-Construal Priming on Body SatisfactionRobinson, Soojin
25-Jul-2023Exploring the Impact of Persecution on Christians’ Interactions with their Faith and the World Around ThemRezkalla, Moreen
25-Jul-2023Taking a Break: Mental Health Benefits from Social Media Use Interventions in Young AdultsPotluri, Rakesh
25-Jul-2023Eye See What You Mean: Emotional Experience of Metaphors in an Additional LanguageParker, Catherine
25-Jul-2023What Will You Trust? Will Severity of Crime Influence How Evidence is Used During Conviction?Pansini, Maria
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3552