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Psychology, 1930-2020

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Sep-2020An Empirical Test of the Expectancy-Value Theory of Motivation in Explaining the First-Generation Achievement GapRogers, Haley
30-Sep-2020Smile Like You Mean It: How Race and Culture Influence Smile PerceptionLee-Elabd, Farrah
30-Sep-2020A Machine Learning Model To Predict Human Life OutcomesJean-Jacques, Taylor
30-Sep-2020Forget Me Not: Promoting the Utilization of Antenatal Care Services by Providing Reminder Text Messages and Transportation FareChigozie-Nwosu, Chisom
30-Sep-2020Demystifying internet addictionWee, Andrew
30-Sep-2020The Application of Cognitive Dissonance Via Effort Expenditure and Justification to Improve Mood and Depressive SymptomsPeterkin, Devon
30-Sep-2020Effects of Consumer Decisions on Empathy & Altruistic Behaviors: A Study on Decision Fatigue & Activated Self-PreferencesVirk, Zarnab
30-Sep-2020Praise the Pain Away: Religious Practice Engagement and Mental Health in the Black Christian CommunityStokes, Alexis
30-Sep-2020Concussion in Athletics: Neurological Findings, Developmental Considerations and Future DirectionsThompson, Philip
30-Sep-2020External Memory’s Effect on Decision-Making: An Attempt to Understand Technology’s Impact on our PsychologySkov, Natasha
30-Sep-2020Does Loneliness Affect Mental Health Chatbot Experiences? The function of social motivation on anthropomorphism of and information sharing with virtual agents.Saravo, Felicia
30-Sep-2020Liberating Repressed Male Femininities: A Psychological Framework for Understanding Drag QueensSan Miguel-Tasch, David
30-Sep-2020Caregiver Influence on Emotion Transition Learning in InfantsPeng, Richard
30-Sep-2020“Hi Future Roommate”: The Effect of a University’s Diversity Frame on Interracial Roommate EncountersO'Donnell, Aidan
30-Sep-2020Talking Down to the Patient: How Class Differences Influence Warmth and Competence in Doctor-Patient InteractionsNyman, Annique
30-Sep-2020Do you see what I see? Visual attention when viewing egocentric object exploration in 18- to 24-month-oldsMannion, Lily
30-Sep-2020Player/Coach Dilemma: The Effects of Self-Esteem & Naïve Realism on the Internalization and Response to Critical FeedbackMorales, Jose
30-Sep-2020“If Education Works, Society Works”: An Analysis of Teachers’ Preparation to Meet Syrian Refugees’ Educational Needs in LebanonMacManus, Natasha
30-Sep-2020To Flow or Not to Flow: An Empirical Analysis of Flow State TestingMacDonell, Logan
30-Sep-2020An Exploration of the Effects of Exercise on Behavior and Plasticity Measures in the Anxiety-Like/Defensive Circuitry of the Mouse BrainLotito, Michael
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3438