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Princeton University Undergraduate Senior Theses, 1924-2022

Members of the Princeton community wishing to view a senior thesis from 2014-2022 while away from campus should follow the instructions outlined on the OIT website for connecting to campus resources remotely.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Aug-2022Behind the Mask: the Physical, Mental, and Social Impact of COVID-19 on Essential Healthcare Workers in New York CityChaudhry, Hifsa
15-Aug-2022The Effect of Breaking Illusions of Knowledge on Belief Network StructureCyr, Tindar
15-Aug-2022Attentional Posture Correction (APC)Della Pietra, Donald
-THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME: A Critical Reflection on the New Film AdaptationBoll, Ethan
15-Aug-2022Sublime Sensoria: Somaesthetic Sensations and Sensitivities in East Asian CinemaSpruill, Jaylin
15-Aug-2022Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence Measurements of CH\(_{2}\)O in Ozone Assisted Cool FlamesPrice, Annie
15-Aug-2022Scalability of Graphene Carbon-Fiber Aerogel for DesalinationYoon, Alfred
15-Aug-2022Design of Robotic Mechanism for Rhythm Bots Art InstallationWitzman, Sarah
15-Aug-2022Characterization of 5.1kWh Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Electric Vehicle Battery Pack for High Performance Marine-Specific Loads and ApplicationsWilliamson, Ned
15-Aug-2022Design and Optimization of a Rear Wing for a Formula Hybrid RacecarVan Liere, Thomas
15-Aug-2022Survey, Design, and High-Altitude Testing of Novel CubeSat Earth Horizon SensorsTong, Kevin
15-Aug-2022The Future of Engineering Production: Electric Power and Additive ManufacturingStallworth, Delan
15-Aug-2022Exploring Engineered Desiccation Tolerance in Mammalian CellsSingh, Navreeta
15-Aug-2022The Design and Manufacturing of a Composite UAV Airframe for Dynamic SoaringSimpkins, Miles
15-Aug-2022A Noninvasive Peripheral Neural InterfaceShields, Nathaniel
15-Aug-2022Design and Development of a Compliant End Effector for a Pressure-Sensing Robotic GripperRezai, Lily
15-Aug-2022On the Design of Efficient Global Search Algorithms for Spacecraft Trajectory Optimization ProblemsOlson, An-Ya
15-Aug-2022Vision-Based Control and Navigation of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle in Crowded EnvironmentsNorton, Lucy
15-Aug-2022The Design and Development of a Remote Controlled SkateboardNoel, Tavaris
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 71036