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Computer Science

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023User-Centered Algorithmic Mechanism Design: theoretical frameworks at different levels of central regulationEssaidi, Meryem
2023Human-machine Collaboration in Real-World Machine-Learning ApplicationsRoberts, Claudia Veronica
2023Probabilistic models for structured biomedical dataJones, Andrew
2023A Serverless Architecture for Application-Level OrchestrationLiu, Hao
2022Inferring Intra-tumor Heterogeneity from DNA Sequencing DataMyers, Matthew Abrams
2022Analysis of Self-Adjusting HeapsSinnamon, Corwin
2022Towards Understanding Self-Supervised Representation LearningSaunshi, Nikunj Umesh
2022Bridging Theory and Practice in Deep Learning: Optimization and GeneralizationLi, Zhiyuan
2022Towards Geometric Intelligence: Seeing, Grounding and Reasoning over GeometriesGoyal, Ankit
2022Learning to Detect Objects by GroupingLaw, Hei
2022Probabilistic Models for Characterizing Animal Learning and Decision-MakingAshwood, Zoe
2022Neurosymbolic Machine Learning for ReasoningYang, Kaiyu
2022Optimization Inspired Neural Networks for Multiview 3D ReconstructionTeed, Zachary
2022Self-Supervised Metric Learning for Alignment of Petascale Connectomics DatasetsPopovych, Sergiy
2022The Research-Practice Gap in User AuthenticationLee, Kevin
2022Towards Efficient and Effective Deep Model-based Reinforcement LearningLuo, Yuping
2022Precise Alignment of Serial Section Electron Microscopy Images and Analysis of Neural CircuitsMacrina, Thomas
2022Studio-Quality Speech EnhancementSu, Jiaqi
2022Measuring the Feasibility of DNS Privacy and SecurityHounsel, Austin
2022Overcoming Sampling and Exploration Challenges in Deep Reinforcement LearningSimmons-Edler, Riley
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 200