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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024On Schicksal: The Return of Tragedy in ModernityDraxl, Alexander
2023Die unentrinnbare Idylle. Literarische Konfigurationen am Ende der NachkriegszeitStrasser, Andreas
2023Mutterherz: Motherhood and Dedifferentiation in German RealismBrook, Mary Grayson Sterrett
2021How to Do Sleep with Words: Sleep Experiments in Literature, Science, and Society, 1899-1929Klinger, Sebastian
2021Mathematik ist immer Geist: The Persistence of Mathematical Humanism and Aesthetic Rationality in Postwar GermanyStewart, William
2021The Economics of Sight: Early Photography and Commodity Capitalism, 1839-1867Dechet, AJ
2020World Literature in Practice: The Orientalist's Manuscript between the Ottoman Empire and GermanyBabinski, Paul
2020Gl├╝ckliche Enden. Aus der Geschichte der affirmativen KunstBunia, Anton Johann
2019Old Books, New Times: Medieval Manuscripts and German Literature around 1800Hunter-Parker, Hannah
2019Phlogisticated Relations: Lichtenberg and Ritter's Readings of ChemistryMalagon, Carolina
2019Touching Temperature: Questions of Measurement and Feeling, 1870-1930Christensen, Alice Ruth
2019The Science of Expression: Ausdruckskunde and Bodily Knowledge in German Modernist CultureVollgraff, Matthew Hawkins
2018Readers' Lore: Media, Literature, and the Making of Folk-LoreMandel, Hannes
2018The Romance of Law and Love: Marriage in Twelfth-Century German RomanceMartin, Jonathan Seelye
2017Collaborating with the Enemy: Wartime Analyses of Nazi GermanyPonten, Karl Frederic
2017Rough Surfaces: The Collage Works of Rolf Dieter BrinkmannEwing, Megan
2016Reading as Listening: The Birth of Cultural Acoustics 1764-1803Solanki, Tanvi
2016Borrowing Werther: The Rise and Regulation of Fan Fiction in Eighteenth-Century GermanyBirkhold, Matthew Hoover
2015Schools for Seeing: German Photobooks between 1924 and 1937 as Perception Primers and Sites of Knowledge.Stoll, Mareike
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 29