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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 1992-2023

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Aug-2023Helminth Parasites in Ruminants of Yellowstone National Park and Brucellosis CoinfectionChao, Matthew
2-Aug-2023Studying the Impact of Water Insecurity and Health Biomarkers in the Turkana CommunityCalimag, Jenseric
2-Aug-2023Chemical Signatures of Reproduction and Nestmate Identity in the Socially Flexible Sweat Bee, Lasioglossum baleicumShoubaki, Joanna
2-Aug-2023Species Characteristics of and Interactions Between Large Herbivore Nemabiomes, Microbiomes, and DietsLeventis, Reed
2-Aug-2023Characterizing epiphytic macroalgae assemblages in understudied Hawaiian mangrove standsCooke, Eve
2-Aug-2023DEEP-SEA MARINE PEDAGOGY: Teaching Methodology for Deep-Sea Ecology and Ocean Research ModuleWilliams, Abigail
2-Aug-2023The Future of Air Conditioning and RSV Transmission in Miami, FL and Yucat√°n Peninsula, MexicoWagatsuma, Vian
2-Aug-2023The Impacts of Vegetation Structure and Invasive Shrubs on Carolina Wren DensitiesVasen, Samuel
2-Aug-2023Scaling Value as a Potential Morphological Proxy for Human Biting Preference in Aedes aegyptiUdebiuwa, Anagam
2-Aug-2023A Case for Mutualism: The Impact of Hard Clam Size and Density on Seagrass Restoration in North CarolinaTalab, Manar
2-Aug-2023First Impressions Matter: A New Behavioral Strategy to Show the Evolution of Cooperation in Everyday Trade in Ancient Pompeii and Viking Age ScandinaviaSpecht, Megan
2-Aug-2023The Dark Side of Light: Investigating the Effects of Low-Level Artificial Light at Night on Testes Size and Melatonin Production in Male Acomys russatus and Acomys cahirinusSmirnov, Adira
2-Aug-2023The Plot Thickens: Effects of Large Herbivore Exclusion on Understory Community Composition in an East African SavannaSlomka, Liana
2-Aug-2023The Highs and Lows of Grazing: Effects of Ungulates and Elevation on Grassland and Sagebrush Steppe Vegetation Composition in Yellowstone National ParkRichter, Sophia
2-Aug-2023Evolution in the Anthropocene: Adaptation to Thermal Extremes in Anolis cristatellus and carolinensisRaichle, Chloe
2-Aug-2023Exploring the Evolution of Critical Windows through Microbiome Succession Across Species: A Meta-Analysis of Temporality in Gut Microbial CompositionPerez-Gazca, Karla
2-Aug-2023Sebum Production as a Possible Indicator of Key Odorant Concentrations and Host Odor Preference in Aedes Aegypti MosquitoesPark, Janice
2-Aug-2023Diversity stability relationship in the artificial financial marketNishigai, Shigetatsu
2-Aug-2023Caste Abundance of Philophthalmus sp. in Cerithium stercusmuscarumLopez-Rico, Samantha
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1414