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Title: Remote-sensing gas measurements with coherent Rayleigh-Brillouin scattering
Contributors: Gerakis, A.
Shneider, M. N.
Stratton, B. C.
U. S. Department of Energy contract number DE-AC02-09CH11466
Keywords: Polarizability
Temperature measurement
High pressure
Scattering measurements
Speed of sound
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University
Related Publication: Applied Physics Letters, vol. 109, page 031112 (2016)
Abstract: We measure the coherent Rayleigh-Brillouin scattering (CRBS) signal integral as a function of the recorded gas pressure in He, Co2, SF6, and air, and we confirm the already established quadratic dependence of the signal on the gas density. We propose the use of CRBS as an effective diagnostic for the remote measurement of gas’ density (pressure) and temperature, as well as polarizability, for gases of known composition.
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