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Title: Political Economy of Post-apartheid South Africa
Contributors: Gumede, Vusi
Keywords: South Africa
Economic Empowerment
Education and training
Land and Agriculture
Public Enterprise
Economic Development
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: CODESRIA (Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa)
Place of Publication: Dakar, Senegal
Series/Report no.: CODESRIA book series
Description: In examining South Africa’s post-1994 experience, the author delves into social and economic policies and institutional arrangements for policy-making and implementation. But he doesn’t stop there. Contained in this book are ideas on what can further be done towards sustaining and intensifying the transformation project. This, the author argues, entails building on the progress that has been made since South Africa attained democracy. But it also demands an honest acknowledgement of weaknesses as well as the impact of factors that were, and still are, beyond the control of South Africans. Among the latter are issues such as the global environment within which South Africa set out on its transformation journey, the dependence on and influence of global capital, and the trajectory of the global economy during South Africa’s twenty-one years of democracy.
ISSN: 978-2-86978-704-9
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