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dc.contributorPretorius, Frans-
dc.contributor.advisorTromp, Jeroen-
dc.contributor.authorChu, Shanna-
dc.description.abstractFull waveform inversion (FWI) is a method of seismic tomographic inversion based on modeling the entire wave eld to extract information. This allows for the inversion of lower frequencies and longer o sets to produce more high quality imaging, but the non-linearity of the problem means that the computation costs can be prohibitive. A proposed method to reduce the computational cost involves combining multiple encoded source shots with different signatures into a single \supershot" for inversion. There are several key issues to be addressed with this method. Importantly, interference between sources or "cross-talk" may create unwanted noise. We examine FWI in its conventional and supershot incarnations, and test various methods of source encoding to reduce cross-talk noise. We also look at the issue of missing data in the supershot.en_US
dc.format.extent63 pagesen_US
dc.titleSource encoding in full waveform inversion: comparison of encoding schemes and misfit functionsen_US
dc.typePrinceton University Senior Theses-
Appears in Collections:Physics, 1936-2020

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