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Title: Capital Cities in Africa: Power and Powerlessness
Contributors: Bekker, Simon
Theron, Göran
Keywords: capitals
colonial influence
Maputo and Luanda
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: CODESRIA (Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa)
Place of Publication: Dakar, Senegal
Series/Report no.: CODESRIA Publications in Full Text
Description: Full-text for the front matter is missing. ---- This book is a study of how power is manifested in the urban forms of several sub-Saharan capital cities. It also examines how the urban populace is at times powerless in the face of these manifestations and how counter-power is often generated in the urban spaces and communities of these capitals. The book uses the examples of a number of African capital cities to examine their different colonial backgrounds, processes of nation building, different kinds of regimes after independence, waves of popular protest, explosive population growth and in most cases stunted economic development. By focusing on the urban forms, symbolic as well as material, of multi-layered power, the book takes a new approach in the study of African cities and politics. The case studies of a selection of sub-Saharan capitals, which span the continent geographically, all have a broadly similar structure. The concluding chapter pulls together the threads of this urban geological study with a comparative analysis of these capital cities in Africa south of the Sahara, and provides contextual reference to other cities not included in the case studies.
ISSN: 978-2- 8697-8495-6
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