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Aeronautical Engineering, 1945-1975

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1953The Design of a Turbo-Jet Military Advanced TrainerWarden, Richard V.; Vannatta, Richard W.; Perrine, Calvin H.; Conrad, Charles
1955The Design of a Light, High-Speed Turbo-Jet InterceptorWyman, Jr., Donald; Mason, Edward H.L.; Batt, Richard G.
1954The Design of a Light Commercial Turbo-Jet TransportSkodis, Robert T.; Powell, David G.; Muhl, Richard R.
1969The Combustion of the Alkaline Earth Metals in Carbon DioxideBrown, Robert Clarke
1963The Combustion of Aluminum and Magnesium in Carbon Dioxide-Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide-Argon MixturesMellor, Arthur M.
1951The Assault MasterIrvin, E. M.; Gandy, Jr., C. L.
1963The AlbatrossUhle, Walter; Genchi, Albert; Brigulio, John
1951Tests on Cessna 140Snedeker, R. S.; Lightcap, E. T.; Knowlton, M. P.; Kepler, C. E.; Irvin, E. M.; Dike, D. J.
1952Test on Stinson L-5Wentz, Jr. H. B.; McCabe, W. L.; Summers, R. G.; Shriver, C. D.; Pruszanowski, O. C.; Lehnert, R. F.; Lanflisi, R. R.; Gould, A. V.; Anderson, Adrian
1960SHARK. Supersonic Target Drone MissileSanty, Ross C.; McDonnell, John F.
1956Pressure Distribution Studies of a Circular Cylinder Equipped with Auxiliary DevicesDemarest, Peter E.
1949Preliminary Report, The PDQ I: 30 Passenger Medium Range Jet-Propelled TransportMcKay, R.; Fabula, A.; Vialls, M.; Redway, A. J.
1950Preliminary Design Turbo-Jet Transport AirplaneWaller, Charles S.; Munro, III, David D.
1952Preliminary Design of the X-PS-52Summers, Richard G.; Pruszanowski, Olgierd C.; Gould, Ansel V.
1960Preliminary Design of Supersonic DroneMelick, Clyde; Marshall, John R.
1950Preliminary Design of Jet TransportLittle, Robin
1958Preliminary Design of an Express Cargo AircraftZipser, Edward J.; Hunt, David N.; Arnold, Jeffrey H.
1959Preliminary Design of Alight, General Purpose VTOL STOL Aircraft - The "Wallaby"Finnerty, Frank J.
1953Preliminary Design of a Military Jet TrainerSiegel, Alan Roger; Sibert, Frederic C. De; Sibert, Frederic C. De
1956Preliminary Design of a Lightweight InterceptorMcDavitt, Peter W.; Freck, Peter G.; Dunn, H. Searl
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 83