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Aeronautical Engineering, 1945-1975

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1963Apteryx, A Maximum Performance Cross-Country GliderKarins, F. Carter
1963An Infrared Guided Surface to Air MissileFlorsheim, Bruce H.
1970An Experimental Investigation of the Lateral Dynamic Stability Derivatives of a Navion AirplaneKline, Gary Francis; Gripper, Stephen F.; Basile, Paul S.
1963An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of the Aerodynamic Damping of a Rotor in PitchConnolly, George C.
1972An Analysis of the Desirability of Personal Rapid TransitCurtis, Owen P.
1961WEEBEE, a Proposal for a High Altitude Recovery VehicleWojciechowicz, Jr., Alex; O'Neill, Gerald W.
1961TM Menace: A Weapons SystemHarris, Michael; Thieblot, Armand
1961The WASP: A Preliminary Design of an Air to Surface MissileO'Neill, Gerald W.; Conger, Richard W.
1951The Theory and Application of Obtaining Lift and Drag by Pressure IntegrationKnowlton, III, Marcus P.
1948Airplane Design 464 - ThunderbirdSolarski, Andrew H.; Brooks, George W.; Hargrave, Lamin K.
1945Airplane DesignMarson, B. Pratt; Hauser, George H.; Behrer, Alvin H.
1957The Preliminary Design of a Supersonic Sportplane. The Wicsen IIWilliamson, Guy G.; Snell, Jack E.; Carstens, Jeffrey P.
1957The Preliminary Design of a Supersonic Sport - Trainer AircraftPutman, William F.; McLanahan, J. Craig; Aldrich, Jr., Gerard T.
1956The Preliminary Design of a High Supersonic, Light Weight InterceptorChildress, William S.; Paladin, Joseph C.; Lucas, John T.
1964Aerospace Propulsion System and Mission Analyses: An Analysis of a Ramjet Propelled Recoverable Launch Vehicle StageConstantine, Richard W.; Richardson, William P.
1966The Meaning of a Heat Flow Experiment on MarsHanks, Thomas C.
1959The Jenny - Jenny. A Preliminary Design of a VTOL - STOL Light TransportSchoch, David L.; Comfort, Edward H.J.; Chase, Thomas H.
1968The Feasibility of Solar Flare Prediction: A Summary of Present KnowledgeSarton, Edward Jay
1960A Vector Addition Method of Analyzing Non-Unity Feedback Control SystemsSwanson, Brian C.
1961The Exterminator. An Air-to-Ground Missile with Optical GuidanceThurber, Edward G.; Meyer, Kenneth W.
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 83