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Astrophysical Sciences

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023The TESS Grand Unified Hot Jupiter SurveyYee, Samuel W
2023Toward self-consistent models of high-energy transients from stellar remnantsHalevi, Goni
2023Titan's Anomalous Atmosphere from Top to TurfFlowers, Erin Elise
2023Interpretable Machine Learning for the Physical SciencesCranmer, Miles Donald
2022Formation and evolution of protostellar accretion disks: Towards a quantitative and predictive modelXu, Wenrui
2022Compressed Likelihoods and Early Universe Constraints for Cosmic Microwave Background ExperimentsPrince, Heather
2022The Dynamics of Stellar Wind-Driven Bubbles and Their Effect on Star Formation in Giant Molecular CloudsLancaster, Lachlan
2022Small Galaxies in a Wide-Field Era: On the Interplay Between the Structure of Low-Mass Galaxies and the Processes that Shape ThemKado-Fong, Erin
2022Probing Fundamental Cosmology with Galaxy SurveysPhilcox, Oliver Henry Edward
2022ELVES and Dwarfs: Elucidating Low-Mass Galaxies with the Exploration of Local VolumE Satellites SurveyCarlsten, Scott
2021Windows into Alien Worlds: Modeling and Characterizing Substellar AtmospheresLacy, Brianna Irene
2021Learning Novel Physics from Astronomical and Cosmological ObservationsKreisch, Christina Danielle
2021Radiative Magnetic Reconnection in Compact Astrophysical ObjectsHakobyan, Hayk
2021Models of Planetary Envelopes for an Increasingly Hydrodynamic Theory of Planet FormationBailey, Avery Paul
2021Towards Next-Generation Millimeter-Wave Cosmology from the AtacamaLi, Zequn
2021Origins and Fates of Close-In Giant PlanetsBouma, Luke
2021Magnetic Fluctuations in Gyrokinetic Simulations of Tokamak Scrape-Off Layer TurbulenceMandell, Noah Roth
2021Bound Gas, Dense Gas, and Star Formation: A Deceptively Simple BraidMao, Shengkai
2020Instabilities and Dissipation in Collisionless Magnetized TurbulenceArzamasskiy, Lev
2020Electron Acceleration in Non-relativistic Quasi-perpendicular Collisionless ShocksXu, Rui
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 61