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Astrophysical Sciences

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The Dark Side of the Gravitational Force: Lessons from Astrophysics on Gravity, Black Holes, and Dark MatterPardo, Kristofer
2019An Analysis of Variable Objects in the Globular Cluster M4 Using Observations from the NASA K2 MissionWallace, Joshua
2019Towards an Understanding of Core-Collapse SupernovaeVartanyan, David
2019The Microphysics of Gyroresonant Streaming Instabilities and Cosmic Ray Self-ConfinementHolcomb, Cole
2019Bayesian Techniques for Finding and Characterizing Variable Stars: Application to the Hungarian-made Automated Telescope SurveysHoffman, John
2018Simulating Dispersal of Protoplanetary Disks and Planetary Atmospheres with Consistent Radiation and ThermochemistryWang, Lile
2018Plasma Physics in Strong Field RegimesShi, Yuan
2018Comoving stars in the Gaia eraOh, Semyeong
2018Hidden in Plain Sight: Illuminating Low Surface Brightness Galaxies with the Hyper Suprime-CamGreco, Johnny Paul
2017Simulating chemistry in star forming environmentsGong, Munan
2017Physics of Pulsar MagnetospheresPhilippov, Alexander
2017Dynamics of Small Bodies in Planetary System FormationSilsbee, Kedron
2017Backlighting the universe: Understanding the large-scale structure through cosmic microwave background observationsSchaan, Emmanuel S├ębastien
2016Turbulent, Molecular Clouds Regulated by Radiation FeedbackRaskutti, Sudhir
2016Magnetohydrodynamics of Accretion Disks in Cataclysmic VariablesJu, Wenhua
2016Star/Galaxy Separation in Hyper Suprime-Cam and Mapping the Milky Way with Star CountsGarmilla, Jose Antonio
2016Topics in Extrasolar Planet CharacterizationHowe, Alex Ryan
2016Development and Application of Numerical Techniques for General-Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics Simulations of Black Hole AccretionWhite, Christopher
2016Active Galactic Nuclei Feedback and Galactic OutflowsSun, Ai-Lei
2015Two-Parameter Abundance Matching of the Fundamental PlaneKulier, Andrea
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 39