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Astrophysical Sciences

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Windows into Alien Worlds: Modeling and Characterizing Substellar AtmospheresLacy, Brianna Irene
2021Learning Novel Physics from Astronomical and Cosmological ObservationsKreisch, Christina Danielle
2021Radiative Magnetic Reconnection in Compact Astrophysical ObjectsHakobyan, Hayk
2021Models of Planetary Envelopes for an Increasingly Hydrodynamic Theory of Planet FormationBailey, Avery Paul
2021Towards Next-Generation Millimeter-Wave Cosmology from the AtacamaLi, Zequn
2021Origins and Fates of Close-In Giant PlanetsBouma, Luke
2021Magnetic Fluctuations in Gyrokinetic Simulations of Tokamak Scrape-Off Layer TurbulenceMandell, Noah Roth
2021Bound Gas, Dense Gas, and Star Formation: A Deceptively Simple BraidMao, Shengkai
2020Instabilities and Dissipation in Collisionless Magnetized TurbulenceArzamasskiy, Lev
2020Electron Acceleration in Non-relativistic Quasi-perpendicular Collisionless ShocksXu, Rui
2020Cataclysmic Variables in MHDPjanka, Patryk
2020Open Cluster Variables: Evasive, Invaluable ProbesSoares, Melinda M
2019The Dark Side of the Gravitational Force: Lessons from Astrophysics on Gravity, Black Holes, and Dark MatterPardo, Kristofer
2019An Analysis of Variable Objects in the Globular Cluster M4 Using Observations from the NASA K2 MissionWallace, Joshua
2019Towards an Understanding of Core-Collapse SupernovaeVartanyan, David
2019The Microphysics of Gyroresonant Streaming Instabilities and Cosmic Ray Self-ConfinementHolcomb, Cole
2019Bayesian Techniques for Finding and Characterizing Variable Stars: Application to the Hungarian-made Automated Telescope SurveysHoffman, John
2018Simulating Dispersal of Protoplanetary Disks and Planetary Atmospheres with Consistent Radiation and ThermochemistryWang, Lile
2018Plasma Physics in Strong Field RegimesShi, Yuan
2018Comoving stars in the Gaia eraOh, Semyeong
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 51