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Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2000-2021

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jul-2021Parametric Study of the Hydrostatic Stability of Floating BuildingsStocker, Oswald
28-Jul-2021Wrangling Renewable Energy Development in the Wild Windy West: A Case Study of TexasBrown, Peyton
28-Jul-2021Predicting Neurological Effects Associated with Traumatic Brain Injuries Using Video Analysis and Finite Element ModelingAcot, Bianca "Gabbie"
28-Jul-2021Thermodynamic Modeling of Hydraulic Phases Evolution in CO2 Injected ConcreteBarnett, Katie
28-Jul-2021Plugging Into Lithium: A Case for Where, How and Why the United States Should Develop Domestic Sources of Lithium to Diversify a Vulnerable Supply ChainCefalu, Nicholas
28-Jul-2021Mobilizing Capital for the Transition to a Net-Zero Emissions Energy Future: A systems dynamics approach to evaluating the impact of incentives on investment decision-making behaviorGiguere, Joseph
28-Jul-2021Measuring Social Inequality of Urban Tree Canopy in St. Paul, MN: exploring race and income effectsGonzalez, Daniella
28-Jul-2021Designing the Green New Deal: Thin Shell Umbrella Structures for Low-Carbon Public HousingFlanagan, Tessa
28-Jul-2021Linking Changes in NO\(_{2}\) Pollution and Mobility During the COVID-19 Lockdowns in the U.S.Zhang, Xinrei "Rei"
28-Jul-2021Assessment of Past and Present Cap and Trade Systems to Guide the Design of Title XII of the United States Clean Air Act: Carbon Dioxide ControlSpiegl, Sterling
28-Jul-2021Understanding the mechanisms of PFBS adsorption onto smectite clay nanoparticles and a soil organic matter proxy using molecular dynamics simulationsEmunah, Melea
28-Jul-2021Thermodynamic Modeling and Experiment Investigation of Alkali-Activated Metakaolin CementChen, Carmen
28-Jul-2021Breaking Ground in Urban Food Systems: Novel Data and Analysis of Direct-to-Consumer Farms that Serve CitiesSchassler, Katharine
28-Jul-2021Biogeochemical weathering of rocks in glacier fore fields: Insights from soil mesocosm experimentsAranda Reina, Celia
28-Jul-2021Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust Bowl: An Analysis of Boise City Historic Drought Events as Compared to the 1930s Dust BowlOribhabor, Favour
28-Jul-2021Displacing Concrete in the Modern Infrastructure: Steel-Timber Hybrid ConstructionBrucki, Patrick
28-Jul-2021Design Changes to Archimedes Screw Turbines to Improve Energy GenerationAyeni, Tobi
28-Jul-2021Structural Analysis of Off-World Masonry ArchesMcDonagh, James
28-Jul-2021Less Is More: The Impact of Tiny Home Living on Carbon Emissions and Well BeingMerkin, Leonard
28-Jul-2021Serviceability and Strength Analysis of a Floating Multi Story Steel Building Subjected to Rotational Ocean Wave MotionHultman, Sarah
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 432