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Independent Concentration, 1972-2021

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Aug-2021Unspoken Intonation: The Prosody of Pro-Speech GestureHarris, Alexis "Ali"
4-Aug-2021Iconicity in Language Comprehension: A Plausibility Study on Sound Symbolism from Cantonese IdeophonesYeung, Michael
4-Aug-2021A Descriptive Study of Tones and Tone Sandhi in the Rui'an DialectTang, Diana
4-Aug-2021The Status of Subject Markers in Urban WolofMacknick, Anna
4-Aug-2021Innovations for the Innovator: Redesigning the Princeton Election Consortium WebsiteMejia, Austin
4-Aug-2021Guiding the Way: Local Knowledge and Colonial Representations of Himalayan FrontiersKushwaha, Suraj
29-Sep-2020“Until I take pride in my language, I cannot take pride in myself”: The Language Attitudes of Princeton’s Heritage Language LearnersQavolli, Irma
29-Sep-2020Towards a Computational Model of Human Word-Color AssociationsMurthy, Sonia
29-Sep-2020Contagion in Online Social Media: “Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics” A Networked Approach to Trolls, Tweets, and Phishing in the Digital AgeHutchinson, Reed
16-Aug-2019Tonology of the Luruuli/Lunyala NounGottlieb, Caroline de Brito
16-Aug-2019Interrelation of Lexical Tone and Melody in Mandarin Language LyricsCrabtree, Blaine
16-Aug-2019Aramaic Caught in the Thicket: A Linguistic Untangling of Pseudo-Jonathan on the Binding of IsaacLilienthal, Yael
16-Aug-2019Variation in Verbal Syntax and Nominal Morphology in Some Modern Dialects of Western GarhwalHolt, Sebastian
16-Aug-2019Extended Emulation TheoryRade, Luca
16-Aug-2019Rule Generalization in Children: Testing a Threshold ProposalHernandez, Alexia
16-Aug-2019Tone Sandhi in Tujia Grammatical ParticlesFeng, Angela
20-Aug-2018Language Policy in Education in Kenya and Tanzania, A Comparative Study: How the Language of Instruction Affects the Quality of EducationTettelbach, Eli
20-Aug-2018Obergefell Families: The Disciplinary Intersection of Marriage and ParenthoodReeves, Sarah
20-Aug-2018Locked Together In Fear: Why the US-Russia-China Strategic Interaction Should Be Characterized As Trilateral Elastic RetreatMillenson, Carly
20-Aug-2018Why Should I Watch This Bloody Play? The Ethical Potential of Pain in Performance, by way of Sarah Kane's CleansedKrell, Nico
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 185