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dc.contributor.authorKlibaite, Ugne-
dc.contributor.authorKislin, Mikhail-
dc.contributor.authorVerpeut, Jessica L.-
dc.contributor.authorSun, Xiaoting-
dc.contributor.authorShaevitz, Joshua W.-
dc.contributor.authorWang, Samuel S.-H.-
dc.descriptionDownload the DATASET_MMM_README.txt file for a detailed description of this dataset's contenten_US
dc.descriptionThe primary experimental data are in the jointsCON.mat and centroids_velocities_CON.mat consist of body parts and centroid dynamics information during Open-Field Sessions from 60 male and 20 female C57BL/6, as well as from ASD models: 14 Cntnap2 WT, 15 Cntnap2 HET, 10 Cntnap2 KO, 17 L7-Tsc1 WT, 17 L7-Tsc1 HET and 9 L7-Tsc1 HOM mutant mice.en_US
dc.publisherPrinceton Universityen_US
dc.titleDeep Behavioral Phenotyping Of Mouse Autism Models using Open-Field Behavioren_US
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DATASET_MMM_README.txtDescription of dataset4.25 kBTextView/Download
sampleOFTmovieC57bl6.aviExample movie of Open-Field session for male C57BL/6 mouse357.64 MBMPEGView/Download
info_8con_8b.matmetadata to sort unsupervised behavior clusters into semi-supervised behavior classes731 BUnknownView/Download
mouseSkeletonSimple_400.matmouse skeleton used with LEAP13.76 kBUnknownView/Download
statsBy100.matstats322.82 kBUnknownView/Download
trainingSet_new10.matsubsampled results of wavelets from full dataset that is used for tSNE and high-dimensional clustering with k-Means to learn representation of the mouse behavior space89.77 MBUnknownView/Download
vecsVals_subSelect.matresults of dimensionality reduction of body-part to body-part distances with online-PCA126.85 kBUnknownView/Download
allC100_8C_CON.matbehavior classes over time10.5 MBUnknownView/Download
allC100_CON.matbehavior clusters over time15.39 MBUnknownView/Download
GROOM_IDX.matmetadata for grooming sorting and analysis227.19 kBUnknownView/Download
partlistforOFT.xlsxPart list for experimental setup14.96 kBMicrosoft ExcelView/Download
centroids_velocities_CON.matbody centroid dynamics information1.5 GBUnknownView/Download
jointsCON.matbody parts dynamics information4.8 GBUnknownView/Download
OFTboxinstrustions.docxInstructions for experimental setup17.49 kBMicrosoft Word XMLView/Download

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