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Title: High Reynolds Number Wind Turbine Wake Data
Contributors: Hultmark, Marcus
Miller, Mark A
Pique, Alexander
Keywords: Phase Averaged
Deficit Velocity
Axial Variance
Spanwise Gradients
Issue Date: 16-Jun-2022
Publisher: Princeton University
Abstract: This dataset is affiliated with the publication All of the data provided is necessary to reproduce the results with the aforementioned publication. The data in this repository is for the wake of a wind turbine at high Reynolds numbers. The data is mainly used for reproducing the statistics (deficit and variance profiles) and the phase averaged results.
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HighReynoldsNumberWindTurbineWakeDataset_2022_README.txtREADME file pertaining to the data5.33 kBTextView/Download
Fig1-8_10.csvData needed for plots 1-8 and 10 of the article65.6 kBCSVView/Download
Fig9a-Phi.csvData needed for the x-mesh of plot 9a3.76 MBCSVView/Download
Fig9a-rD.csvData needed for the y-mesh of plot 9a3.65 MBCSVView/Download
Fig9a-Uu0.csvData needed for the z-mesh of plot 9a3.76 MBCSVView/Download
Fig 9b-Phi.csvData needed for the x-mesh of plot 9b3.76 MBCSVView/Download
Fig 9b-rD.csvData needed for the y-mesh of plot 9b3.65 MBCSVView/Download
Fig9b-Uu0.csvData needed for the z-mesh of plot 9b3.76 MBCSVView/Download
turbine_tower_asm.stpSTEP file of the turbine tower and turbine assembly1.01 MBUnknownView/Download

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