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Operations Research and Financial Engineering, 2000-2023

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Jul-2023Optimization of Solar Energy and Battery Storage Integration: Economic Benefits, Government Policies, and Emissions Reductions in New JerseyChaffee, Aaron
27-Jul-2023Exploring the Applications of Machine Learning Methods in Understanding the Nature of Active Listening Techniques in Predicting Therapeutic OutcomesChitluri, Sruti
27-Jul-2023In Search of the Recipe for Hit Songs: Predicting Hit Songs Using Machine LearningChopra, Sim
27-Jul-2023Leaving a Mark: Incorporating Trader Impact into Asset Allocation Models using Q-LearningFang, Laura
27-Jul-2023Optimizing Fun: A TSP-Based Approach to Route Optimization at DisneylandGlowski, Anna
27-Jul-2023What Seems to be the Problem? Stigmatizing Language in Patient Medical NotesGourabathina, Abinitha
27-Jul-2023An Analysis of Rerouting Produce Supply Chains in South African Game ReservesGuindo, Aly
27-Jul-2023Forecasting Optimal Oil Trade Flows with Quantified Geopolitical Risk in the Belt and Road InitiativeGuo, Britney
27-Jul-2023Identifying, Understanding, and Leveraging W-Shaped Implied Volatility in Options MarketsGuttormsen, Simen
27-Jul-2023WAR in Pieces: A Bottom-Up Approach to Player Evaluation in the NBAHuang, Kenny
27-Jul-2023Time Series Forecasting and Stochastic Optimization for the Operation of Decarbonized Power GridsHuang, Neo
27-Jul-2023A Random Walk Approach to Quantifying Racial Segregation and Food Access in Atlanta, GeorgiaHuang, Tiffany
27-Jul-2023A Data Mining and Machine Learning Approach to Private Equity Replication in Public MarketsIsichei, Ifeanyi
27-Jul-2023The Enhanced Markowitz Model: A Case for Microfinance Institutions in Socially and Financially Optimized PortfoliosJain, Rahul
27-Jul-2023A Long/Short Framework for Modeling Earnings Beats Given Non-Normality of Analyst EstimatesJiang, Ryan
27-Jul-2023Spillover Effects of Localized School Choice ProgramsJohnson, Jack
27-Jul-2023Modeling the Added Volatility Components of ETF Structure onto their Constituent Assets via the Creation/Redemption ProcessKern, Daniel
27-Jul-2023A Pricing Analysis of European Cap & Trade Carbon Futures: Trading Strategies and ImplicationsKoffler, Henry
27-Jul-2023Effects of Credit Downgrade Path on Fallen Angel ReturnsKrebs, Richard
27-Jul-2023Trading With Trees: Exploiting Market Inefficiencies With Random ForestsLau, Austin
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1287