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Title: Calibrationless rotating Lorentz-force flowmeters for low flow rate applications
Contributors: Hvasta, M. G.
Dudt, D.
Fisher, A. E.
Kolemen, E.
U. S. Department of Energy contract number DE-AC02-09CH11466
Keywords: low-friction bearings
Lorentz-force velocimetry
liquid metal
Issue Date: 29-May-2018
Publisher: Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University
Related Publication: Measurement Science and Technology, 2018, vol. 29, p. 075303
Abstract: A 'weighted magnetic bearing' has been developed to improve the performance of rotating Lorentz-force flowmeters (RLFFs). Experiments have shown that the new bearing reduces frictional losses within a double-sided, disc-style RLFF to negligible levels. Operating such an RLFF under 'frictionless' conditions provides two major benefits. First, the steady-state velocity of the RLFF magnets matches the average velocity of the flowing liquid at low flow rates. This enables an RLFF to make accurate volumetric flow measurements without any calibration or prior knowledge of the fluid properties. Second, due to minimized frictional losses, an RLFF is able to measure low flow rates that cannot be detected when conventional, high-friction bearings are used. This paper provides a brief background on RLFFs, gives a detailed description of weighted magnetic bearings, and compares experimental RLFF data to measurements taken with a commercially available flowmeter.
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